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Hello Kelly's Korner readers! As a part of Kelly's Korner's blog post, Show Us Your Singles, I wanted to talk about my best friend, Margaret. I've known Margaret since we were sophomores in high school, 14 years ago. For those trying to figure it out, she'll be 30 in June.
Margaret is one of the best friends I have ever had. She's been there for me through the best times and the worst ones too. She can help celebrate like the best of us and she is great when you just need to vent about your day or problem.
Margaret lives and works in Columbia, MO. She bought her own house a few years ago and has been spending some of her free time upgrading the cute bungalow. She works at a local hospital as a sonographer. She cheers on her college team - Mizzou - in all areas but more specifically, football and basketball. Margaret knows her MU sports! She loves sports and grew up playing soccer and basketball. Lately, she's been into running in the Color Runs with some of her friends and they seem to have a blast!
Margaret is a huge family person, coming from a traditional family home and is the third of four children. She spends time with her family, traveling to her younger sister's college basketball games. Her family takes vacations to see her sister play, including Hawaii. She is very much a family person and looks forward to starting her own.
Margaret is a very loyal friend as well. She has many friends with children and she plays the role of "Aunt" very well. She loves children and playing with them. She helps celebrate weddings, anniversaries, baby births, and everything in between. She's even set up a few bachelorette parties and bridal showers for friends and I'd love to do the same for her. She is very taleneted in her party planning abilities.
Margaret loves animals too. She is the proud mama to one spoiled kitty cat but would love to have a dog at some point. She babysits her parents' and sister's dogs whenever needed.
One of Margaret's favorite things to do is to travel. Not only has she traveled with her family, she loves to visit friends that live far away and she also spent a semester abroad in Ireland. (How fun is that?!) I know she looks forward to traveling more as she can, especially if she could find someone else who wants to travel abroad (and within the US).

If you're interested, leave a comment or email me at
P.S. Margaret, I could have totally embarrassed you with some of your Facebook photos. I chose not to because I know you could do the same with me!

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