{Halloween} Throwback Thursday

While searching through photos online, I couldn't help but to share Miss Lily's first Halloween. She was just over 5 months old and so fun! She could roll over, push up, and was so close to crawling. She kept that until it was closer to Christmas! 

Those pumpkins that caught her attention are fake pumpkins Doug carved previously and we put a piece of tissue paper and a string of lights in each one. One is a monster/ghost and the other is obviously a cat. The skulls are a string of lights we picked up at Michael's. We used to decorate a lot for Halloween! 

Lily's first costume - wasn't it great?!?! We had the coconuts air brushed by a guy at our mall and I made the tutu. She couldn't stand up by herself so my friend helped her to show off her great costume.

Lily's other costumes over the years have included a giraffe (store bought), peacock (homemade), and Tinkerbell (store bought) (what three year old hasn't been Tink or a Princess?!). This year she's a black cat! Pictures to come tonight. 

{Halloween} Spooky Decor

**I'm working on some Nate posts but thought I'd share this oldie (but not so goodie) in the mean time!**

Our fireplace and living room BEFORE... (emphasis on the BEFORE!)

I don't know what's more scary in this photo... the colors of the trim, fireplace, bricks, and wall (all from the previous homeowner) or the Halloween decorations we put up years ago.

I think this was from 2008 as a photo from Miss Lily's first Halloween showed a slightly different set up. 

This year didn't see much of this going on. We were too busy preparing for Little Man's arrival, working full time, and preparing for the sub. 2008 was completely different... no kids, just working and going to school (both full time). 

Maybe next year we'll decorate again as we'll be gearing up for Little Man's first birthday.

By the way, our fireplace now looks like this:

That's actually an old photo but the colors are all still the same. It's somewhat decorated for Fall and the furniture is moved around but I couldn't find a better shot that shows how I painted the bricks, surround, walls, trim, windows, etc. in this room to really make it a lot lighter. And by the way, the previous color choices were all made from the previous homeowner (same goes for the green couches). 

I do love the wood mirror with it's slightly concaved sides but some day it'll actually get hung up on the wall and not just sat on the fireplace. Our walls are plaster on brick, so it's hard for me to do it and I just haven't had Doug or my dad do it. I also love mercury glass, white milk glass (or similar white items with texture) and keeping things simple. Ignore the wood in the corner, it's for a growth chart that I still need to make for Lily (and now another one for Nate). Oh the to do list grows! 

{Family} Happiness

My babies. 

{Family} Introducing....

Hello!! Our little bundle of joy arrived safely yesterday at 12:29 via planned C-section. We finally named him.... Nathaniel J G(our last name). We call him Nate. And yes, the middle name is just an initial - J. I'll write more about that in the future. All is well with both Mommy and him.

 Isn't he the most precious??!?

 Check out the baby belly the night before I went in to the hospital (Thursday). And of course, adorable Miss Lily in her Suer Girl jammies.

{Family} Happy Anniversary!

11 years ago today, Doug and I became a couple. Long story short, my friend and roommate worked with him and thought "I needed a new guy" in my life, so she introduced the two of us. We went out on a date to a Mexican restaurant, went out to a bar (that allowed underage students since I was one at the time) and to a college "party" (or just some friends hanging out). 

In the 11 years, we've moved (a few times), got married, had Lily, are super close to having our son, switched careers (both of us), and so much more.

And yes, he surprised me with the roses and a few goodies for the hospital today. He got two giant bags of caramel apple suckers.... but don't start thinking we don't get each other nice things. We've just done that already with his new motorcycle, a new TV system, and remodeling the house. It's been a busy year! 

{House Tour}Little Man's Room

I think this room may end up as my favorite of the house. If not, it's only because of Lily's new room beating it out. 

Little Man's room isn't completed yet but it's pretty darn close! His bed and changing table/dresser have been in for awhile, I bought the green rug you can barely see, my parents bought us the leather chair, and we covered the closets with curtains, he has a window covering (same as when Lily was there) and some decorations. The first piece being the old bed frame I spray painted for Lily who didn't want it anymore. The second being a Lily original painting that is now up near the changing table. And now, the best piece of all... an old school, pull down map. There are 3 or 4 different maps on it and it's great. 

My parents bought it at a school auction here in town when they did a surplus sale awhile back. I don't think they paid more than $10 for it but I could be wrong. Things were going super cheap! I picked up a solid oak desk for Lily for $3. It'll eventually be painted and put in her room. 

But this map... it's great, isn't it?! The colors are great, it's vintage and fun, plus it allows for some changes because my dad hung it and we can change the maps as we feel the need. Right now it's obviously on the US because we all liked the colors the most. 

Little Man's room still needs some additional storage, especially as the toys start rolling in (or coming down from the attic) but we'll deal with that later. I'm just happy that there's a bed for him to sleep in (plus a couple extra throughout the house... a bassinet and a sleep cradle thingy), a place to store his clothes and diapers, and a spot for me to sit while nursing. 

I'll do a full tour some time soon. There's still some stuff in the way like our double stroller that will eventually live in my car once it gets detailed and we don't need our hospital bags. 

{Family} Ultrasound Photos

Oh my goodness, look at those cheeks and perfect lips! He's going to be our squishy baby (Lily was long and lean). I can't wait to see him... Friday the 25th is his planned C.

All was fine with him. And me too, except for carrying a little bit extra fluids but they aren't worried because we're good everywhere else. It's just making me super uncomfortable and putting more pressure on everything in my stomach area. I think knowing there's a week left is just enough for me to keep pushing myself.

{Front Yard} Fall Plantings

As mentioned previously, we got new sidewalks installed professionally. As a part of it, I had to redo our little corner garden with our foundation stone. No biggie though, as it desperately needed the irises and lilies that were super overgrown to find new homes. I changed the shape of it slightly although it's impossible to tell from this angle. 

As they bulldozed the yard, they almost knocked over the stone but it proved it's ability and stayed up (good thing too as it's a monster!). The bricks are recycled off a job site that a friend worked on. The flowers include two yellow mums (that could look a bit better but at least they aren't dead!), and some other flowers I picked up at a local nursery. There's a bush between the two mums but the purple flowers fell over and never rebloomed. Oh well. It'll give me a good spot to put some annuals each year and freshen up the yard. 

The "welcome" sign was installed by the guys who did the sidewalk. They asked if they could and I thought it would be a fun addition. We've talked about painting the inside but I'm thinking it'll stay plain for awhile. We already have enough concrete painting on our to do list that I probably don't need to add more. 

And while I was at it outside with my camera (iPhone today, sorry), I took a photo of the little area Doug and Lily made awhile back. Lily was watering it today and it definitely needs some attention. The overhang on the house protects it from rain, so we have to be careful and make sure it gets extra water. The rocks are hiding some of the smaller plants but it'll be another fun spot to add color yearly. It needs mulch but I still haven't given it much thought as to rocks vs. wood mulch. 

I'm definitely enjoying the colors in our fall garden. It's the first fall that we seem to still have color come the middle of October! 

{Family Photo Overload!

Last Sunday we braved the weather (which said nothing about rain!) to go to our local pumpkin patch and farm. If we didn't go then, I think Lily would have lost it as she had been waiting for at least a week when I mentioned it was open. 

As you entered the place, they provide the food for the animals and the goats eat it up! Lily really enjoys farm animals, probably more than our own cats and dogs. 

Miss Sassy Pants. I so want backyard chickens some day! 

This was new and definitely fun to capture their growth, too bad they didn't start it 4 years ago when we first brought her! 

Yes, that belly is huge. No need to remind the person who lives with it 24/7. 

I say it was $5 (a person) well spent! 

You can see last year's visit here and a recap of earlier years here.

{Family} Saturday

As we enjoy this beautiful weather (something else to celebrate!), Doug mowed the lawn and Lily kept herself busy because she just had to go outside. Her favorite activity if allowed is to play with bungee cords in her Daddy's truck. Here she is striking the pose of a window sticker Doug has on his truck for wrestling. She loves that sticker! 

And of course, it wouldn't be fall without some sort of decorating. I'm lacking it in other areas but finally got some pumpkins out in our front yard. Lily loves them. The creepy gnome was going to get a coat of paint but Doug says no, so I'll let him win for now. The mini scare crow is a 97 cent buy for Miss Lily as she found it and loved it. It's a little crow. 

Here's another little arrangement (thanks to Lily) that sits on our front porch. Ignore the fact that the white concrete needs scraped and painted desperately. The little cactus in the purple pot is Lily's. We picked it out months ago and Lowe's and it's grown a good inch or so. The pink flower is hot glued and was on the top if that shows you how much it grew this summer. I think I have a similar cactus in my kitchen that hasn't grown that much in 6+ years. 

Hey, I'm caught up with my 31 Days! Wish me luck as the next two weeks will be packed with any last minute item as we prepare for Little Man's arrival! 

{Family} Healthy Baby Boy

I've reached the point in the pregnancy that I'm having weekly visits so Thursday saw another ultrasound. We also had to do a non-stress test (that ended up fine). No news on him arriving earlier but as you can see on the picture, it still says my due date is Halloween. That was changed last week to October 25. That's less than two weeks!!! 

In case you can't tell, that's his face. His fist is right next to it. He isn't the best at showing his face (unlike Lily) but he did flash us his boy parts (as always). So at least all the boy clothes are still the right gender! 


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