Tuesday, August 23, 2016

{Doug's Office} Bare Bones

Hello! Welcome to Doug's "new" office. 

This used to be my space before I moved to the basement. And before that, briefly, it was Doug's office but I stole it from him like the good wife I am. Ha! It's back to being his so he can get his master's in the next year or so. 

Until then, I repainted it a nice, light gray and started adding some if his items. This will be his "man cave" as well, seeing as he lets me do whatever I want with the rest of the house and so he needs his own spot. I'm all for people having their own areas in the house. 

Doug, as you can probably tell from these photos, likes rugby. He's played it the entire time we've been together and even before then, so roughly 15 or so years. 

His parents took that photo for him while on one of their vacations. I'm not sure about that black tray in the back but it'll eventually be something…maybe… and the "whistle for your beer" is something Doug's had since before my time. Again, we're going for a man cave here so it works. 

The horse, above, is from Doug's grandparents. The little jar of money was given to him with a note from Doug's mom that has to deal with a family story from his grandmother. The jar of matches came from his dad's parents collection (it's not all) of their travels over the years. I simply put them in a glass pickle jar to display. 

The desk was mine, and before that my mom's. It has great storage and is huge. Like 5 feet long type of big. It'll have some stuff on it at some point but he uses his laptop or iPad for everything so he won't need computer space. The "Terms of Rugby" wall hanging is actually cloth and will be framed at some point. I bought it off Etsy awhile back. The blue curtains and floor length but pinned back for our AC unit. We gutted and insulated this area but it still gets really hot in the summer. 

The pennant, above, was my brothers. It's from the 1992 World Champions Basketball team. I gave Doug the rugby parking sign for a birthday gift. The chair was my grandmothers. I don't know if it'll stay. 

As for the tan section of wall… I'm going to paint it white and that's where some built ins will eventually be. I need to call our contractor…aka my dad… and grab him some time he's not busy. Which is never, even though he's technically retired. The man likes to work! 

I'd love to add more of Doug's rugby items and some of his hippos. We'll see what happens but for now I thought I'd share this space. 

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