Thursday, October 27, 2016

{Dream} Future Home

Dreaming on Pinterest and I found this. I think it perfectly mixes my love of old farm houses with the beautiful craftsman style homes I also love. Let's just pretend I have all the money to build this on a nice chunk of land, in the middle of nowhere (but still within reasonable distance from town and family). 

And because I'll have enough land in my dream, I'll need a great potting shed. The back of the house would also have a great sunroom for growing collection of plants. But wouldn't this cutie be fun off to the back of the property? Tucked in between the chicken coops, the flower gardens, the veggie garden and the possible bee hives? 

In all honesty, we have thought of moving. We occasionally look at homes and areas we'd like to live. I think we've settled on land at some point, building what we want and having the freedom to have chickens, large gardens, etc. that living in town doesn't allow. We also would like to be away from neighbors within 10 feet of our house. 

But, life happens and we're paying a lot for daycare at the moment. So when life settles down (in 3 years) and daycare and diapers no longer suck our money out, we'll really start to focus on figuring out what we want. 

Until it happens and I can have fun parties like the one below (minus the wedding part, unless we choose to renew our vows), I'll continue dreaming. What are you dreaming about?

I'm also dreaming about being done with parent teacher conferences. 

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