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I love a good sunset. Who doesn't?! This one was taken at Pomme de Terre Lake in Missouri. The light on the horizon is from a dock and I've thought about editing it out but this shot is honestly straight from the camera (which I prefer as it makes you more aware of things going on when you take the shot vs what you can edit out in PhotoShop). I just love the reflection of the sunset on the water. 

Not many people who know me now (vs those that grew up with me or family) know that I have a degree in art and an emphasis in photography. I went on to get a teaching certificate and a masters in teaching. I am certified Art K-12 but currently teach 6-8 grades in art.

I love photography and painting - especially with acrylics. I have done a lot in oils too but they are more time consuming and involve chemicals, so I haven't done them since college.

Here are some examples of what I've done:
NY skyline and the Colorado Rockies, acrylic on canvas, 2011
Baseball LOVE, 2011, acrylic on canvas.
 Acrylic, 2008. This was based off a photo my parents took many years ago of a barn on their old property during a very large bonfire. The actual barn lit up from all the old, metal siding and had the most vivid colors. I painted this for their 30th anniversary and it now hangs in their living room. 
Acrylic, 2005-ish. A project for one of my college classes and features in clockwise from bottom left: Angel, my friend's Boston Terrier, my old cat Keymo, Rugby (my favorite pup by far!), Taz (one of my current kitties) and Sugar, my old West Highland Terrier. 

Acrylic, 2002-ish. Another project from college, based off a photo from a bonfire. 

Oil, 2005-2006. This is a bridge in Missouri that is no longer in use (pieces are not even connected to the nearby ground).

Oil, 2005-2006. This piece goes with the above photo for a class I had  in college.

Oil, 2004-2005. An assignment for an art class, it features my cat Taz staring at the crickets in my frog's tank (with her reflection). 

Oil, 2005. Assignment was "Reflection" and I got part of the inspiration from a road trip to my parents' house. Yes, the car doesn't feature the hood or the wipers as I didn't want it take away from the crazy scene of trees (which are mostly made up). I love the colors in this painting and would love to do another one minus the car features as I find them distracting. However, it was for the assignment so they were added.

Oil, 2006. One of my last paintings in college. We had to create an abstract version of a famous painting (I chose one from Norman Rockwell) and broke it down into lines and shapes and added all the bold colors. This is the only painting that still hangs in our house, the rest are in storage. Lily loves this painting but both Doug and I are slightly bored with it (or just wanting something different as we've had it for the past 7 years in our TV room).


I love old barns and spent about 99.9% of my time in college using a film camera. I inputed some into the computer during my last semester (and not even much of that) to play with PhotoShop. These are straight from the camera and were of an old barn near my old house that I grew up in. It was falling apart and my parents told me that it was about to be bulldozed. I remember passing this all the time on our back way home and watching the vultures sit on the roof. I loved the lines and shadows. 

Alabama, 2012. I want to turn one of my photos from Alabama into an acrylic painting some day to hang in our master bedroom. This one may just win, but there are others too to decide from.

I have a ton more photography and a few more paintings, one recently created for my parents' 35th anniversary, but do not have them all on my current computer. I guess that's the downside of using film - you have to figure out a way to scan negatives which one, takes a special scanner (which I owned but no longer works) and takes a lot of time. I love some of my photography that I have around the house but I don't even know where those negatives are! 


  1. Hi Megan! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog from the Social Hop! Love your paintings! Something I wish I was better at... Following you now on G+ and GFC! Have a great week :)

  2. You art is stunning Megan! Love the barn - and what a thoughtful gift for your parents!

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I recently painted a new one for them after their trip to the Giant Redwods in Cali. I need to get a photo of it.


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