As this blog clearly shows, we always seem to have a project going on. Some times they are large (hello upstairs remodel!) and some times they are small (an earring display) but I will try to eventually get them all up here.

Front Flower Garden (with foundation stones)
Necklace Holder
Spring Wreath
Feather Wreath
Driftwood Heart

Painted Ornaments
Crystal "Icicle" Ornaments
Glitter Ornaments
Hand Stamped Snowman Ornaments
Footprint Ornaments

We've also painted almost every room of the house and added decorations, but that almost goes without saying.

Things we WANT to do:
Paint the back yard shed
Add more to the kids' play place (and find a good name!)
Bathroom makeover (complete gut job!)
Kitchen makeover (complete gut job!)
More veggie gardens in the back yard
More flower gardens in the front/side (Lily's Garden area) yard
A raised bed with blueberry bushes in our front yard
And so many more that I'm afraid to list it all here but you can check out the major list here.

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