{Missouri} Lake Visits



2015  - ?!?!?!

2014 - Nate's first year (so uncomfortable in that life jacket!)






2000 - 2008 - we think were all at the same place, 2001 and 2002 may have been elsewhere

I'm trying to make a collection of all our photos (or at least the highlights!) from every year and making a small book through Shutterfly or a regular photo album. It'd be fun to flip through every year. 

Side note - I also thought about doing that for major holidays and/or birthdays. Like one page per scrapbook/photo album for year for the kids' birthdays, Halloween (to compare costumes!) and Christmas (which we already started). After so many years, I could make it into a book instead of a photo album. 

How do you store your photos? Do you do books or photo albums? Or are you all digital? I've lost many photos after computers have crashed so I'm trying to print all my favorites and save them "to the cloud". Some day I'll figure out how to get photos off three old computers - one of which is literally just the hard drive, not an actual laptop anymore. 

{Back Yard} Rock Garden

Once upon a time, 10 years ago, I had a rock garden with pretty cacti and succulents. 

The building above is the back of our garage. It's an extension and only part of it has the fake brick siding (that looks like shingles). The entire garden itself has concrete borders and we removed the rotten wood (minus one very stubborn post). 

Then life happened.

I'm not going to lie guys, sometimes I miss when this garden was a cactus garden and not our vegetable garden. The only surviving plants are some of the sedum and the hens and chicks. 

Everything else died (thankfully for the prickly pear!). 

So let's take a walk down memory lane, ok?

The prickly pear, above, was the original plant in the garden. It took up over 1/3 of the whole space and was a nightmare to deal with. We ended up removing all but the few pieces in the pot. Those few pieces eventually grew to fill the pot. We kept it until the pot basically fell apart and it had popped one too many balls for our kids. We no longer have one piece of it, thankfully. It's a fun, pretty plant if in the right spot (like my neighbor's driveway or at my parents' house) but not in my backyard. 

One of my favorites, above, was the flapjack cactus (succulent?). Our local nursery still sells them and it *almost* came home with me the other day. I'm seriously running out of room though so I'm not sure where it would go in the winter. 

Let me tell you about the flower, above... it was horrible. Beautiful, but smelled like death. We knew that going in but hearing it and smelling it were two different things. It eventually died and I'll never have another again. Pretty though. 

I think next summer I'll make a spot somewhere for some more cacti. I have no idea where they will live in the winter, but I'll find a place. I want another big, tall one like the photo above (you can see the full shot of it at the top of this post). 

Do you have cacti? Succulents? We have a lot of sedum and a few cacti throughout our yard and house but I can always fit in more, right??

{Chickens} The Girls

Have I introduced my two newest additions? I know I've shown them on Instagram (@thebrickbungalow). They hate me. They hate everyone except each other. The one on the left had a run in with a dog (one of my two ornery ones) and lost part of her tail. The black beauty gets picked on by the bigger girls but only one spot and it appears to be growing back in. Aren't they pretty though? 

Below is Rachel, in back, she's a Rhode Island Red. Rachel appears to be the watchdog of the group as she watches over everyone at night and likes to be by the door.  Pheobe, in front, is an Easter Egger. Phoebe is the crazy, dinosaur when she's sitting on the eggs. Craziest noises I've ever heard! Neither are the friendliest but I can touch them unlike the two above. 

And yes, three of mine are from Friends. 

Here's Monica - she's a Black Laced Wyandotte. 

And below, my girl, Goldie. She's the friendliest of the seven. Poor Cookie didn't get photographed. But Goldie is the one by my side whenever I'm outside without the dogs. She gets extra treats because of it. She may not look happy here but she's the best one out of the group. She was even friendly to my aunt when they watched them while we were on vacation. 

Do you have chickens? If so, what's your favorite breed? If not, would you want them? I love them! I love looking in our backyard and watching them move around. 

{Missouri} Lake Trip 2018

Happy Monday!

We just came back from a crazy, busy weekend. We spent the majority of the time on the water at our favorite lake and it's NOT the Lake of the Ozarks. That lake is crazy!

My mom bought a vintage boat a couple years ago and it finally saw this lake. It's been to other places, just not on vacation. 

My girl!

This crazy boy and his amazing hair. 

Lily really wanted to jump off the cliff last year but we didn't let her. This year though, we decided to go check it out and see if she wanted to do it. She was a little nervous but decided to go. She ended up loving it and said its was her favorite part of the trip and what made the day "the best day ever!" She also finally learned how to skip a rock and was successful and caught her first fish! 

And no, Doug did not throw her in even though it kind of looks like it. He was about to jump off himself. 

Doug bought a fish net for fun and he was practicing his skills. He kept catching these pretty fish. None of them were keepers though so they all lived. 

And Mr. Nate had his first this weekend - first time on the tube. I got a few good photos of them but I like the lighting of this one. They were so happy and excited but definitely could feel it the next day. We are looking into buying the type of tube that the kids can sit up on. This tube has been around since I was in high school. 

And my girl, loving some time alone with my parents (and me). Doug stayed back with Nate who was passed out in the cabin. Lily loves to drive the boat and has become really good at it. She was standing up here to see the trash in the lake that turned out to be a beer can and coozy that my dad picked up. 

And the weekend continued with another first with Lily. She went off to Girl Scout Camp. This road leads to her cabin and little area for them. It's part of a bigger camp and I hope she's having a blast!!! 

{Garden} Corner Plans

While working on my big computer, I've been editing photos. Did you know I have over 18,000 on this bad boy? Yep...trying to narrow them down but I'm not having any luck after I uploaded Colorado's vacation photos. 

Anyway, I came across the following two photos. The first was from June or July of 2014, the second from August 2014. I had to save them as I've been thinking of this area for awhile. It's become the eyesore of the garden. It no longer looks like this and there's weeds everywhere. 

I like the idea of the height that the sunflowers created in 2014. It all came from bird seed and I've been fighting the seeds ever since. I think this fall, once I can tackle things and my lilies, which are buried somewhere back there, are spent, I'll start from scratch. 

I'm thinking of getting large pieces of cardboard to help with the weed control since it all needs mulched anyway. Then I'll keep the few plants I like - lilies, coneflowers, and the blackberry bush that's in there (one of those tiny ones that's meant for a container...which it may be transferred to), and then I'll rethink the area. 

The fence will stay. It goes the entire length of the garden, which is also the entire length of our house and driveway so it looks nice. But I'm thinking of adding a trellis to where the sunflowers are and getting a climbing rose. I don't have any roses, as I was actually against it after removing a horrible one many years ago, but now I'm thinking it would look great. I could also add one to the front of the garden on the arbor. 

What do you think? Do you have a climbing plant you like? 

I will not do morning glories again (so many seeds!!). I already have a beautiful clematis closer to the front. 

The fire place insert may move too, depending on what gets planted. 


{South Side Garden} Garden Update

If you are following me on Instagram (at thebrickbungalow), you might remember that I had one of the original five buckets stolen. Yes, someone actually dug it up (the last one, closest to the fence) and left me some of the stuff that was inside of it. Luckily, we had one more than I was saving for something else that never happened so I replaced it. I then filled all of them with more dirt, compost, and extras to make them nice and healthy for the plants. 

I then added the stone border, put rocks around the meter, planted a few new plants in the ground, and planted tomatoes (and the marigolds) in the buckets. I also put a trellis and a transplanted clematis on the fence. I figured it'd be nice to help pollinators as well as provide food for us. 

Since then, the Missouri heat and our watering (plus some of nature's, but we could use more!), made it all go crazy. Weeds, especially. I'm planning on clearing out the crack between the sidewalk and the foundation (seen above in the shadow) and using the sand that turns into concrete. I figured it's worth a try and some effort, right? 

Ignore the weeds in the back. I desperately need to clean up the sidewalk back there and compost a bunch of the weeds. 

{Colorado} Nederland

On our way to Estes Park, we drove through some areas my mom remembers spending her childhood in. We stopped in Nederland to have lunch and get the kids out of the car. There were some wonderful shops (that would take all my money if I could) and a very cold, but very nice creek. We ate lunch (no pics of the food but it was good) and went on our way. 

Look at all these beautiful goodies... this shop was stocked full! 

I have no idea about the photo above except it was across from our lunch spot. Everyone seemed to want a photograph in the coffin but the place itself was closed. 

Check out our Colorado posts:

Nederland - you're here! 


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