Friday, July 3, 2015

{Bathroom Planning} Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

Hello and Welcome to our last installment of bathroom planning!

If you've checked out my previous four posts (Day 1 - floor planning and floors, Day 2 - vanities, Day 3 - mirrors vs medicine cabinets, or Day 4 - lighting), you've seen the photos below. 

You can see the direction I'm going, if not I'll break it down for you:

1. White cabinets, trim and ceiling. Although we are enlarging the bathroom to fit the needs of our family, we want to make it look even larger by going with classic white. The tub/shower combo and toilet will also be white because really, why wouldn't you?! I get if you do some tile in your shower but we're going with white. White, white, white.

2. Now, with all that white, I need some contrast to make me happy. This will mostly come in with our bathroom floors - a wood look tile. We picked out a brand and color from Lowe's after looking at both Lowe's and Home Depot. There are so many choices, but we're going with one that is very similar, if not identical, to above. 

3. We are going with polished chrome accessories - faucets, etc. I think I've chosen the style below from Home Depot. 

Delta Silverton

4. Wall color… that's the biggie here. I'm thinking of something either in the blue/green family or a grayish color. There are so many options and every time I find something on Pinterest or a blog, I make a mental note (or pin it) and say "wow, that would look great!" The problem is, is that I do that all. the. time. Seriously.

This photo, that's all over Pinterest and then found via House of Turquoise. I mean, c'mon! How great is that color?! And that wood shelf to add some character? Yes please!!! I believe it's Benjamin Moore's Glass Slipper. 

Sherwin Williams' Sea Salt is a great color too! 

Stay tuned for future bathroom posts on our demo and remodel. The window is order, a hole is already punched in the wall, and we are so ready for demo to start! I'll do more posts on what we actually buy as we get them. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

{Bathroom Planning} Day 4 - Lighting

As we continue on with the bathroom remodel plans, I'm now looking at lighting. 

I absolutely love school house style lights and found this collection via The Anatomy of Design. 

Another recent find was this style, below.

When Doug and I started looking around awhile back, we found ourselves at Home Depot and I fell in love with a collection from Martha Stewart. However, once I started to look at it more in depth and actually touch it, those little silver bands just sit on the glass shade. Meaning, they never actually sit straight and dust can get under them, making cleaning an issue. 

It comes in a variety of sizes (as does the option above this one too) and is more polished chrome in person than this photo snagged from Home Depot's website. 

You can see that I'm going towards a polished chrome, old school house style vibe… the biggest decision for lighting will rest with what I choose to do for either a mirror or medicine cabinet (or a combination of both).

We currently only have one, 4 bulb, light fixture above our mirror. I'd like to add a ceiling light for additional lighting. We do have a window in the bathroom but it'll be frosted for privacy. It'll let some light in, but not a lot. 

What do you like? 

Tomorrow's the last day of the bathroom planning and then next week will be some showing off some actual progress on the bathroom!

Day 4 - Lighting
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

{Bathroom Planning} Day 3 - Mirrors vs Medicine Cabinets

Welcome back to Day 3 of our Bathroom Planning Posts. I showed you the 7 inspirational photos for the vanities so I thought I'd start that image off for the Mirror vs. Medicine Cabinet issue.

What do you prefer? Mirrors or medicine cabinets? One big mirror or two smaller? Framed mirrors or not? 

1. I know that I like the look of both. While both the biggest photo above and the bottom center grab my attention the most, I do like the rest (all only mirrors). The biggest photo has mirrored cabinets, which offer the best of both worlds. 

2. If all goes as planned, we will either have a shelving area for storage or an actual closed closet (depending on leftover room from the tub/shower combo). So storage isn't the biggest issue. Plus, the vanity will hold the majority of items. 

3. We currently have both. We have one center mirror with two smaller, mirrored cabinets for our medicine, vitamins, etc. It is convenient to have both.

4. If I go with mirrors, they will definitely be framed. I think this is a great way to add color (although I'd either go black or white, or like the top right photo, a color to match the vanity). 

And then there's this photo that I absolutely love. The wall color, wood flooring, white vanity with black top, bright lighting, and the touch of old and vintage with the above the toilet cabinet. We have a local resale shop that makes over various pieces of furniture and I may look into what they have or what they can make and do something similar.
Come back tomorrow for the fourth installment of the bathroom planning posts.

Day 3 - Mirrors vs. Medicine Cabinets
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

{Bathroom Planning} Day 2 - Vanities

Hello again! If you saw yesterday's post, I showed you my ugly bathroom and our plans to gut and enlarge it. I also showed you how we are going to get the wood look tile floor. Today's topic is vanities… 

Now… if you haven't noticed, all are double vanities with drawers in the middle. That's one of my main loves and wants. Obviously it starts to vary after that. 

1. Let's start with the biggest photo. Isn't it just gorgeous? The doors are set in the cabinet for a more furniture style look. This isn't a huge "must have" to me, although it is nice looking. The wall color is gorgeous, but I'm not sure if I'll choose something like that.

2. Top Right: This is more of what I"ll probably end up, just in different colors. I like the vintage, classic look of the sinks that sit on top of the counters, instead of under mounts. Both are great, obviously, but I do tend to go towards this look more. 

3. Middle Right: Oil rubbed bronze hardware is a great contrast to the white cabinets. I'm not set on hardware yet and have some time to decide (luckily as I keep going back and forth!). Wall color is nice too.

4. Middle Right: I currently have a black vanity and white top, so I do like this look but am wanting something lighter and brighter. We won't have room for a dividing wall, but it is nice. 

5. Bottom Right: Door style is slightly different than the more Shaker style in the others (for the most part). Counters are gorgeous with their mix of light and dark. 

5. Bottom Center: Love the look of the cabinet and drawers between the mirrors. And I like how they repeat the black from the counter tops with the mirror frames. Hardware is fun but not what I'll pick. Chrome is nice though.

6. Bottom Left: Love the one big mirror option, this one being framed (along with number 3 too). Wall color is really pretty and so is the countertop. (Not sure about that link, but I tried to find its proper source with no luck.)

Which one are your favorites? I've been stalking Pinterest, blogs, and Instagram for inspiration photos. All are so pretty!

Come back for more bathroom talk tomorrow!

Day 2 - Vanities 
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

Monday, June 29, 2015

{Bathroom Planning} Day 1 - Floor Plans and Flooring

Hello Friends! Happy Monday! 

Next week is going to be a big week for our bathroom! It'll be completely gutted and become a brand new bathroom. If you follow the blog on Instagram (@thebrickbungalow), you'll see that we actually started demo last week. But that was just to get a measurement, as we are expanding into what used to be an old closet. Anyway, before I get too ahead of myself, I wanted to do some inspiration posts for the bathroom.

Day 1 - Floor Plans and Flooring
Day 2 - Vanities 
Day 3 - Mirrors vs. Medicine Cabinets
Day 4 - Lighting
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

Now, before getting down to it, I wanted to thank our parents because without them, this wouldn't happen. We've wanted to update this bathroom since we moved in. I temporarily updated it as much as possible with paint not long after living here, but we need a full update.

Our family of four, plus our guests, use this bathroom. It's in constant use so we need to update it. Along with updating it, we will actually be making it just a bit bigger. When making Lily's room, we made sacrificed some space in her room, knowing that we'd tackle the bathroom at some point. Her room is just fine and we can hardly wait to see this new bathroom take place.

Now… the floor plan…

We started with a bathroom that is roughly 68" (5 feet, 8 inches) wide by a little over 8 feet in length. The set up is as shown. You walk through our hallway into the bathroom and there's not a lot of depth between the countertop and tub (more than this makes it look though). The window is also right next to our shower, so that's an issue.
Once we knock down the wall into what used to be a closet, we gain almost 3 feet of space, making the bathroom an almost perfect square. We are moving the vanity to where the tub used to be (by the window, as shown), probably turning the toilet 90" and building a wall between it and the shower (since it'll be a wall anyway due to a shower surround). This opens up the area a lot, giving us room to move.

Now, onto pretty things…


This is the one thing I am dead set on, and so is Doug. It's actually about the only thing that he has put any say into because we both want it that much. As for other things, there will be some things that kind of vary but we'll get to that. This floor though. It'll also be used in our kitchen remodel (down the road). We will probably buy this exact version at Lowe's. It's Mahogany and a perfect color!

And just to refresh your memory, here's what we started with when we bought the house.

Oh my. I forgot how bad it was. The wallpaper (border, decals, dots on the ceiling) were all removed pretty quickly and easily (luckily). The shower curtain was replaced. The walls, ceiling, trim, vanity were all painted. I'm sorry for killing your eyes… now just stay tuned for some beautiful inspiration and then follow us for the remodel stage!

Day 1 - Floor Plans and Flooring
Day 5 - Colors and Hardware

Friday, June 26, 2015

{Bathroom Remodel} Goodbye Ugly!

Say goodbye to this hideous bathroom….

OK… so in all honesty, that bathroom was painted before anything in this house was touched. The wallpaper ceiling "medallions" (aka cut out wallpaper circles) were removed. So was the wallpaper border, the cut out wall decal, and then everything was painted. The shower curtain was thrown away (or donated, I don't remember) and replaced with a new, solid color one. The trim was painted. 
But now, we are tearing it down to the studs to rebuild it all. 

New window. New trim (or all refreshed with white paint!), new drywall, new vanity, sinks, tub, toilet, paint. You name it! 

Come back next week as I plan out our bathroom in 5 installments. Day 1 starts with a floor plan and our floor choice. 

Until then, I'll leave you with the following photos because I started this post with such uglies…

In the above photo, which I did share a version on Instagram (follow me @thebrickbungalow), I had already hammered a hole into the plaster and lath wall. Doug then punched through the lath to reveal the other side of the wall (which was a part of the old closet in Lily's room that was closed up in that remodel). We need to punch through it all to measure the true depth of the new bathroom to know the size of the room so we can order the correct items! 

You can also see how I painted the room a nice mocha frappe color. I didn't bother removing the wallpaper here, knowing that eventually (now, finally!) that the whole room will be remodeled. 

And just because… a beautiful flower in Lily's Garden. I need to do an updated flower garden post to show all of the mid June growth. The day lilies, coneflowers, and annuals are all doing amazing. That'll come after the week of bathroom posts next week! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tour {Barbie's House}

When I posted Lily's Room Tour the other day, I realized that the Barbie house my dad made for her deserved its own post. He made it for her a couple of years ago for Christmas after I showed him a picture of the Pottery Barn version. He loves building her things and had already built her a giant, three piece kitchen set. 

My dad built it and my mom worked on decorating and furnishing it. So, not only did she get this amazing house, my mom bought her the furniture to go with it. Since then, Lily was received additional pieces, the RV from her grandparents, the car, and an IKEA set with matching IKEA furniture and a foldable house (it's right next to the RV for storage). I love how she has the striped black and white rug that I now want in my house too. 

The house now holds additional items such as the Littlest Pet Shop building. It's actually two separate pieces. One is the pet's building (or the shop) and one is Blythe's bedroom set … for those that are curious. My knowledge of little girls' toys is insane. 

Above the house, Lily has her collection of My Little Ponies on the board and batten we installed. There's a small collection of plushy keychains and a walking, talking dog that sit on the roof. Her teddy bear, pom pons, and pink rugby ball also call the roof home. Because where else would the pink rugby ball go to hang out with pom pons? In case your wondering, Doug plays rugby so he found her a bright pink ball. 

Every Barbie needs a bathroom, plus a sink (that really works) to wash the crazy, dirty dogs. 

Barbie has an eclectic mix of friends and furnishings. IKEA, Barbie, My Little Pony, doll babies, and Monster High all get along in the living room.

The bedroom has a bunk bed for family and sleep overs. It's decorated with an IKEA throw pillow. 

The house even has a garage… or two. An RV, a convertible, and a mini convertible (for Barbies' smaller friends…aka McDonald's toys) all have room to visit. 


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