Saturday, April 12, 2014

{Garden} Inspiration and Plans

It's *almost* that time of year. Today was 80 degrees... Monday has a chance of snow and lows in the upper 20's at night. So, with that, I will not be using this wonderful weather to plant anything.


However, I am definitely in the mood to start planting. I left off the yard last summer with some areas that needed more flowers. I was pregnant and and running of time before the crazy, cold winter came in. Today, while enjoying the weather and having an extra set of eyes, or two, on the kids, I ripped up some dead plants and made room for the new stuff. I have our front bed, which desperately needs help as nothing had made it other than a few succulents. I also have our newest front bed between our new sidewalk and house, plus between the sidewalk and Lily's Garden, and one more bed to make in Lily's Garden. Then there's the back yard but that's a different story!

So... my plan will be somewhat simple...

1 - create areas that repeat the same flowers and/or color combos to create a cohesive look to our house and flower gardens

2 - plant perennials so I don't always feel the need every year to spend big bucks on new flowers

3 - add some color with annuals in my empty pots (this is where I like to get Lily's help so she feels involved)

4 - mulch everything

5 - finally add the rocks to Lily's Garden to get rid of all of the remaining grass, some stepping stones will be added too

As for the plants.... 

More coneflowers and daisies, as I love them. Plus some lilies of course, especially if I can find the variety that grow really tall because I don't have them! I'm looking to add flowers that will help butterflies and bees, plus add color and variety to all of the beds. 

Some of these... because I've already had a few bites (yes, they love me!).
And more succulents, as long as they can survive the Missouri winters. 

I definitely have a lot to do once the weather stays warm enough (which I thought was already here but obviously not!). My favorite local nursery is open and they always get some business from me. I really don't want to go crazy with the spending this summer but enough to make it look good too, so part of it doesn't look horrible compared to what we've already done. The back yard will be different but there's a 6' privacy fence that separates them, so no one can see how ugly and empty it is (except kid stuff!). I have a few flowers that are back there but not many! There are some plans for the back yard in that are in the making, so it'll happen some day. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

I Am...

Does anyone else feel that time continues to go by faster and faster? Just me? Either way, life seems to be on the fast train. I have less than 40 days of work left until summer break. Talk about exciting! But also, that's a long time with a lot of projects to cram in...

Anyway... I started thinking about something the other day and so I thought I'd blog about it. For those that don't know about me (umm.. maybe one reader?!) ...

I am...

I am a married mother of two children. I have a beautiful, sassy daughter who is almost 5. I have a happy go lucky baby who is now 5 months old (I need to take his 5 month photos before he's 6 months). Umm. Who told them to grow up? I have been with my hubby, Doug, for 11 1/2 years. Say what?!?

I am a full time art teacher at a middle school. Call me crazy. I love my job but some days are definitely better than others. For more information on my job and projects, check out my new blog (well, it's been around for awhile but I'm horrible at updating that one, even worse than this one!). It's at Art and Main.

I am a daughter and a sister. My parents are wonderful, caring, supportive people who are there for me and have been my whole life. I am truly blessed. I had one brother who sadly passed away to cancer in 2011. We, like any siblings, had our ups and downs growing up but we spent a lot of time together as we got older and I loved that.

I am a friend. Maybe not the best one right now as my life, and my friends' lives, are so crazy busy but they know I'm here for them no matter what. We catch up when we can and I stalk them on Facebook. OK, maybe not stalk, but I do check out all of their pictures and updates.

I am a bad blogger. Look at the first two... they take up my time.


I am also trying to work out more. I have successfully been working on for over 3 weeks. I go every morning as soon as the gym opens at 5 am. I am there when she unlocks the door. I work out for 35-45 minutes, depending on the day and how much I can actually squeeze in before the madness begins. Doug's schedule is super busy, so 5 am workouts are my only chance. I would like to lose weight but I'm also doing it for health reasons. We'll talk about the weight issue later once someone stops craving chocolate....

I am planning on future posts but they all take time and money. Some of them would be done if I just had the money because I could hire it out. For example: our shed needs painting, rocks need to go down in Lily's Garden, etc.

So... I am busy.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

{You Are What You Keep} 2014 Edition

Hello! A couple of years ago I remember reading a blog about "You Are What You Keep" and how she tried to rid herself of 2010 items (or 2011, depending on the year, I can't remember). I've tried to do it but we were holding onto a few things for various reasons. One of the biggest things we kept were Lily's clothes from birth to present in case we gave birth to another girl. Well, that ship has sailed and we have Nate, which means we don't need almost 5 years of clothes! So, long story short, I'm going to try to rid myself of 2014 items. My list will include all of Lily's clothing, my clothes, Nate's and Doug's clothes too that we no longer need/want. It'll also include household stuff in various forms.

So far I've gotten rid of two large trash bags full of my clothing. I gave them all to our local donation center. I also gave them Lily's old carseat. I'm not going to keep track of a full list of items, but I know for sure that my trash bags contained at least 40 pieces of clothing. I've also taken a bunch of stuff to school for kids to use instead of hoarding the crap I don't use.

So here's the list... give or take 5-10 items or so. I figured anything is good, 2014 is just out of the ballpark great!

1-40 - my clothing
41 - Lily's old carseat
42-100 - trash items from my desk (I'm counting papers too, just so my house is clean!)
101-150 - trash items from bathroom - old products, etc. that were either out of date or never used
151 - 160 - old shirts taken to school for paint shirts

Lily's clothes from birth to 5 - these will hopefully be sold at a garage sale, the rest donated
Nate's clothes from birth to present - he's outgrown so much already, it's sad, but I want it out of my house
unused and unwanted furniture in our basement
unused and unwanted junk that I'm hoarding ... why?!?! ... it. must. go.
old clothing from me and Doug - donate if possible, trash the rest
go through kitchen cabinets, get rid of unused items that take up room (do I really need all those champagne, margarita, drink type glasses that I NEVER use?!?)
old books - donate to school and/or donation center
arts and crafts supplies - use and/or donate
kids' toys - donate what isn't used or anything broken/missing pieces (we're terrible about cards... we lose half the deck, keep the rest. No more!)

Wish me luck. I have over 3000 sq. feet of house that needs gone through in order to declutter. It's refreshing and freeing to do so. Do you rid your house of unwanted items? Spring cleaning anyone?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

{Boy vs. Girl} 4 months

Nate is winning in the hair department! 

At 4 months old..
Both have tried rice cereal, sweet potatoes (as Lily is showing off) and other baby foods.
Lily was the better sleeper, Nate is the better eater.
Both are big (18 lbs).
Both have blue eyes, the doctor told us Nate will be keeping his. Nate's are darker.
Lily has Doug's face shape (rounder), Nate has mine (longer).
Nate has bigger ears (they look giant here!), Lily has Doug's ears.
Very similar noses, Nate's looks wider.
Nate is in 6 month clothing (can even go up to 9 months). I'm thinking Lily was the same.
Nate rolled over front to back and back to front this weekend. I think Lily could do it too.
Both are able to push up on their hands.
Both love being hold and walked around the house.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

{Nate the Great} 4 Months

At 4 months, Nate is hitting all of his milestones and then some. He is the happiest little guy and except for the drooling (never ending, as you can tell from his red cheeks and chin), he has no problems. The little spot on his nose, per the doctor, should clear up by 2. It hasn't gotten bigger so I'm hoping it'll fade away soon. Speaking of the doctor, she said he was perfect and that he's now 18 pounds, doubling his birth weight. He's in the 85-90% for his height and weight and his head is around 100%. He's a little smaller than Lily was at this age but that's ok! 

I love the picture here because he's smiling at Lily. He LOVES her and yes, that deserves the all caps. She can get him to smile and laugh quicker than anyone else. It's great. 

You'll notice the giant text in the corner of the pic.. and yes, I purposely put it slightly over his head. For family members that want a copy of the picture, let me know. I did this due to not wanting people stealing my kids' photos (a fear I have). This blog isn't famous and maybe 10 people read it, but you never know! However, I do want to post and share so people know what's going on and so I'll still do some things... 

Monday, March 3, 2014


My posts have been slacking, I know. There are many reasons and they are great.

I have a beautiful 4 year old who is busy being excited over homework and her weekly gymnastics class. She'll be in kindergarten this fall and so I'm soaking her up. I now have a 4 month old son who is as cute and busy as ever, almost rolling over and loves to stand up. I have my job, keeping me busy all day and in the evenings with lesson plan ideas. And then there's the rest of life - trying to spend time with the hubby, the house, and so on.

The house doesn't get love during the winter. It's just too cold. Last night's temps? -1 and that's the temp, not the wind chill.

I have been trying to cook more and eat out less. This is good for so many reasons - our pocket books, our bellies, our health. I should try to post them on here and not just Instagram.

I am also wondering how much I should post about our lives online. I've been slacking in that area due to being completely scared about the outside world. In my dream world, I'd take my family and closest friends to a private island where no news outlets could reach. We wouldn't know the ups and downs, we'd live off the island the best we could, and grow what we could. This may have to be a big island. But to sheild my babies from the crazies is something I think about daily. A couple of days ago at the grocery store, I had to have a stern discussion with Lily to never leave my eye sight. This was coming after a 10 year old girl from a few hours away was snatched on her way home and killed in just hours. It's a horrible, sad story. And every day I think about it and how I can better protect my family.

I will admit hat I love posting things on here for friends and family to read. I like sharing our house progress and I've found so much inspiration online in other family blogs. But then I look at my beautiful family and wonder what I should do. Until it becomes clear in my head, I'm shying away from some posts. And that may mean less posts. I'll figure it out.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

{Throwback Thursday} Lily's 3 Months

As we just past the 3 month mark for Mr. Nate, I thought I'd share these from when Lily was 3 months. There are definitely some similarities, but a bunch of differences too. I think the biggest differences are Nate's crazy long hair and their face shape. Lily had a round face, full of cheeks and Nate has a longer face with his pointy chin. Lily's eyebrows are darker (as in noticeable!). 

Both of my babies know how to make some awkward faces for photos. Luckily Lily has outgrown it (with the exception of "funny faces").

And here's what I wrote...
This month has seen:
- the intro to a babysitter. It's going well, which makes me VERY happy!
- bottles. Although we don't use them at home, she is getting used to them at the sitter. We are using a Playtex Vent Air bottle that has a nice, 45 degree angle, which helps her. She sucks so hard with regular bottles that she has trouble getting milk, which upsets her. 
- Although she can still fit in size 1 diapers, we have started to buy size 2 for the sitter. Weight wise, she'd be in size 2 but she's skinny, so she can fit size 1.
- She has started using a pacifier. 
- She continues to sleep well (except this past week due to the change of everything), averaging 5-6 hours a night of straight sleep.
- She wore her first pair of shoes - pink gellies!
- She loves to smile!
- She's beginning to laugh. We've heard a few chuckles out her and it's the greatest sound.
- She is talking, A LOT! I love it!!! She is so expressive and just lights up when she talks.
- She's an excellent at making raspberries.
- She has great head control, almost to the point that there's no question she'll be able to do it.
- She loves to sit up on people's laps. She's starting to be able to do it on her own, but is a little wobbly.
- She can put all of her weight on her legs when held. She really loves this.
- She hit a new note while talking - a very high pitch squeal. Not a bad scream, just happy. It's adorable.
- She holds her head well while on her belly. We need to work on this, but she's doing great!
- She loves to move. She can get a little overwhelmed when held all day long by a lot of people, but loves to lay down and move her arms and legs. 
- She's finding her body parts very interesting. Her feet and toes are her favorites.
- She's started sucking her thumb. But not really sucking like you'd think - she really likes to put it in her mouth, make a sucking sound, and then play with her gums


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