{South Side Garden} June Update

Hello! Happy Tuesday!

I took these photos today as I realized it's time for an update. You can see that everything is growing in quite well and the mint may need to be removed, or at least cut back! 

The Bee Balm (bottom right in the above picture) is doing great. 

The Russian Sage, which I have here on our South Side Garden, and in Lily's Garden, is doing great in both locations. Almost a little too good as it's a beast in height and width, but it's beautiful and the pollinators love it! You can see in the above photo that it's behind the containers but definitely towers over things now. 

And new to me this year is Nasturtium. I bought seeds earlier this year and literally pushed them into the ground all over the yard. I had no idea if that would work but it did! It's about the only thing I've successfully grown from seeds as my poppies didn't grow this year (which I'm bummed about). I guess sunflowers have worked but those things act more as volunteers than anything else. 

The Golden Raspberries (one of the bushes in the top photo) did amazing this year. The plant grew many off shoots and I will be moving some this fall or next Spring. The fruit from the original plant was great and the kids loved it! Definitely a keeper and one to try if you haven't experimented with it. 

In the photo above, we have a blueberry (which did produce this year but it's just a baby), the golden raspberries, and tomatoes in the containers. I ate my first tomato today, a little baby cherry tomato. Behind the containers are strawberries and they are doing great. We ate two large berries last night that rivaled those you buy in the store! The lettuce and kale have been given to the chickens as their time is up in the garden. 

What are you growing? We also have blueberries in our front yard, more (regular) raspberries in the back, sunflowers, more tomatoes, loofahs (trying for the first time), and maybe a pepper plant if the chickens didn't eat it. 

{Lily's Garden} Back Half Update

Last week, I finally tackled the back half of Lily's Garden when it came to the weeds. Guys, it was bad! I had tackled the front portion over Spring Break or earlier in the year before I laid down mulch. But the back part? Nope. And then it rained, got hot, and repeated because it's Missouri and the weather likes to do that. But then, thankfully, it cooled off after some storms and so the ground was soft and the weather was good and I got my butt outside to weed. 

Three hours later, it went from a giant eyesore of green weeds, grass, and overgrown dill to where you can see my rock paths, recycled brick pavers, and my plants again. And then it sat there, exposed dirt and all, until I finally added mulch to it a week later. 

See? I mean the landscaping fabric doesn't care about stuff anymore as this was all between it and the rocks. And oh so much grass. Thankfully there was no poison ivy in the mix, as that's all in the backyard (where are my poison ivy eating goats?!). 

Stopped to enjoy the flowers I can see again. I added the above purple Scabiosa (I believe) earlier in the year and then ignored it, knowing it had enough rain to survive. 

You can see the bricks! And the rocks! It's not 100% free of weeds (probably never will be) but it's there and I can walk around and enjoy the back half as easily as I do the front. And now, I can take 30 minutes to an hour in the mornings to do light weeding, when necessary. 

I need to figure out what to do with the fireplace insert. My dad got it from an old job site of his and I used to put flower pots in it. I think it needs to be moved to a better spot, more of a focal point, but the thing is a beast and I don't really have a better spot. Suggestions? 

And to save you from scrolling back up to the top for a good before and after... here it is ...  

And then I added mulch, which needs more than one picture taken, but you can kind of see it below. You'll see it more on Instagram - follow me at thebrickbungalow 

And just so you don't have to scroll back up. Doesn't it look amazing? 
I also chopped off some of the oak leaf hydrangea as it made it hard to see the hostas, the hidden baby hydrangea back there (baby in size, not years, that needs moved) and some astilbe I planted last year. 

Want to see more garden photos? 

Lily's Garden - what you see above and more of the same space
Side Yard - our little area that is well used with containers and herbs
Back Yard - a mix of everything in our backyard including gardens no longer there

{South Side Garden} Update

Hello again friends! Have you checked out my other recent posts about the "Dog House Garden" or a look into our inside plants with a bathroom update featuring my orchids? I'll be posting some Lily's Garden updates soon! 

This is an update for our South Side Garden, and it already needs another update as summer time in the garden has plants growing fast! 

Starting from the right and going left (since that's how I took the next few photos), we have a blueberry plant inside the cage and what I believe is a bee balm in the corner. I may have to remove that as it's about the only plant that will bother my allergies. Next, and looking great, is a golden raspberry. Strawberries, which are planted in the back behind the pots, and are sneaking around front. In the first container there is lettuce but now it's a tomato. 

The containers with kale and lettuce are now homes to tomatoes. The mint has taken over the front portion of the garden and may be thinned, or removed, this fall. If you need some mint, let me know! There are a ton of beautiful strawberry plants and a Russian Sage in the back. 

On the fence is a clematis, which I love, but it's not looking great. 

I revamped the AC and meter area with more colorful rocks, a larger area, and a plant to help hide the AC. Nothing too fancy as I don't want it to be fully blocked, but a good way to add some more color and use out of an area I don't want weeds, grass or a lot of plants in. 

I'd love to continue the garden from the AC to the front of the house with the addition of more large containers and more herbs and flowers. Time will tell on that one. 

{Back Yard} Dog House Garden

Hello! I'm back again with another garden update - this time with the backyard area, that I'll call "the dog house garden" although we never really call it that. Do you name your garden spaces? We have Lily's Garden, the "South Side Garden" (which I only use as it's on the south side of the house, we sometimes call it "the garden outside the TV room window"), and then there is the backyard, which includes a bunch of other spaces. It can get confusing. 

Anyway... the doghouse, which is definitely used more by chickens in the rain than any of my dogs, was the original piece in this area. It went to a large tree years ago (to the right of the picture above) but it came down years ago after a bad ice storm. I then sent out a plea for large galvanized containers and my parents found them all (minus the little square one) from a farmer they knew. If I could have more of them, they'd be used as raised beds in a veggie garden. Some day... The little square one was my grandmother's. 

I made this space years ago and it fell into "needs work" category but not high on our lists as the backyard gets ignored. But I bought more bags of mulch than I needed for Lily's Garden so I decided to spruce it up. I had already started by weeding it pretty extensively. Truth be told, it needs more help but you can't see it in this picture. I'm also thinking of adding a tall Japanese maple in the back corner where we haven't had luck growing other things. 

See those containers on the stairs to nowhere? The painted ones are from a friend (hi Candace!) and they finally have some transplanted plants in them. The other two are just random ones we've collected and put up here. 

Most of the supplies for this garden were free - from the galvanized containers to the rocks (taken from my parent's farm) to the gravel (from our front yard before we redid our sidewalks) to the plants (mostly from other plants and some from the farm). I did buy some lavender as my chickens won't touch it. The doghouse was made by my dad and his students when he taught construction. The stone borders were leftovers from a project at my parents' house. Not too bad for a mostly free area, right? 

Now you can view all "Dog House Garden" posts here

{Bathroom} Window Plants

Hello Friends!

If you've been following for awhile, you've heard about the bathroom remodel but I never have truly showed it on the blog. This isn't that post, although I'll do it soon. I need a new shower curtain as the one we use daily shrunk when I washed it and now it's ready for the flood. 

But that's besides the point. The point is that when we remodeled the bathroom down to the studs and replaced the window, I was able to pick everything out. When it came to our window choices, we wanted it to match the windows we've replaced in Lily's Room and our Upstairs Master Suite. But it's the bathroom, so I also wanted privacy. Enter the kind that looks like there's a film - but there's not! It's textured and lets in just the right light but you can't see through it. 

And the plants? They love it! It also helps that we added insulation to the walls by adding an additional 2x4" worth of wall space, making the window sills thick. So it's the perfect spot for my plant babies. Two of my orchids are the happiest here (the others aren't too happy in their West facing window). I also switch out the third pot and recently moved in Lily's terrarium that we made but I think it'll find a new home and one of my other orchids will join in on the fun. And all my hanging plant babies are all air plants and love it too. 

See how happy they all are? Lots of roots, lots of leaves and blooms.

Ignore the towel - they like to stick to the window sill and this is the best way to help with that. Plus, who's looking at the towel when you can look at all the plant babies?

I regularly post these on my Instagram account, although my gardens have been getting all the love lately, as it's nice outside. Go check out thebrickbungalow on Instagram. 

{Life Lately} 2019

Hello Strangers!

I'd apologize for my absence, but I don't know who reads this anymore. If you do, let me know! 

In January (above and below), I went to Florida to visit a friend I hadn't seen in almost a decade! It was wonderful and so needed. I'd love to go back when the ocean isn't freezing. I still walked barefoot on the sand because hello, it's the beach! 

Then this guy came into our lives and our house has been a crazy mess ever since. It's Nate's dog (according to him) and his name is Rex. It's a Great Pyranees mix. He's already so much bigger, it's insane. We still also have Snickers, Lily's fur baby, and Krypto, our old dog, and Rocky, the cat. Oh, and the six chickens. 

If I'm not busy with work, practicum (internship) hours, or in grad school (I graduate in 6 weeks!), I'm spending time with the kids. Miss Lily is a Girl Scout and we spent a couple days out in nature a couple weeks ago. It was beautiful weather, not like the thunderstorms we are currently having, and we checked out The Pinnacles, which is north of Columbia, Missouri. 

I'm currently working on the garden in between homework assignments, kid activities and surviving life in general. More to come on gardening soon! 

{Missouri} Lake Visits



2015  - ?!?!?!

2014 - Nate's first year (so uncomfortable in that life jacket!)






2000 - 2008 - we think were all at the same place, 2001 and 2002 may have been elsewhere

I'm trying to make a collection of all our photos (or at least the highlights!) from every year and making a small book through Shutterfly or a regular photo album. It'd be fun to flip through every year. 

Side note - I also thought about doing that for major holidays and/or birthdays. Like one page per scrapbook/photo album for year for the kids' birthdays, Halloween (to compare costumes!) and Christmas (which we already started). After so many years, I could make it into a book instead of a photo album. 

How do you store your photos? Do you do books or photo albums? Or are you all digital? I've lost many photos after computers have crashed so I'm trying to print all my favorites and save them "to the cloud". Some day I'll figure out how to get photos off three old computers - one of which is literally just the hard drive, not an actual laptop anymore. 


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