Friday, July 31, 2015

{Bathroom} Progress

The painting is done (well, almost, there are some minor touch ups to do) and the backer board has been installed (and dried). 

If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen the bottom photo. Let me say this - this is not how the pattern will be. The guys (Doug and my dad) had to figure out the spacing issue because there will be half of a tile somewhere. We really didn't want it right at the threshold but that would have made it the easiest issue. They're currently working on it right now as I type (#liveblogging for the win!) and so there will be updates next week. 

And briefly, just because I'll get a better photo of it next week along with the floor, lets talk about the threshold piece. Isn't it beautiful?! It was from our original bathroom and has a bunch of holes from the lath. My dad cut it down, rounded it, sanded it, and then varnished it so it'll go well with the original floors (that all need redone) and our new tile. 

We are now reaching the point in this bathroom remodel that things take extra long - stuff has to dry and so on - so I'll post a few other things starting next week. I need to do a garden update and I have a few projects I'm working on. 

Unfortunately, next week also means back to work for me. It's just one day of meetings but it's the beginning of the end of summer. We have next week and a few days the following week then back to work next Wednesday. I could go earlier to work in my room but our school is getting some remodeling done for security issues so the building isn't really open yet. I'll post classroom photos once I get in and decorate! 

Have a great weekend!!! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

{Bathroom} Primer!

Happy Monday!!! Did you have a good weekend? We went to my parents' house yesterday for some swimming. Lily spent the night and called me this morning asking me if she could spend another. But it was more of a telling me nicely than actually asking me. She loves it out there… but who wouldn't when you can swim first thing in the morning with both your grandparents? 

While she's out shopping, swimming and having fun with my parents, Doug and I are tackling the bathroom. Nate is at daycare for those of you wondering where the crazy one is. There's no way we could do chores with the tornado (aka TorNATEo). 

Anywho… let's get down to business. 

Doug (and Lily) started painting on primer over the weekend. We ran into a problem when we realized something broke off into the handle of our roller, preventing us from painting the ceiling and anything taller than Doug's arm could reach. But that's been fixed and now the ceiling has two coats of primer and the walls have at least one coat. We used up one gallon of primer (using Kilz 2). New drywall sucks up the paint!! 

I am so thankful we have the time to get this done without fighting a work schedule. We're both home for the summer and have around 2 weeks left before meetings start for the school year. We've got our tile picked out and the paint is all purchased. So big things are happening this week!! 

Stay tuned here on the blog or on Instagram at thebrickbungalow 

Have a great day! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

{Bathroom} Drywall!

There's drywall!!! On Monday, the first piece went up (see below). It was a booger to cut and install in place. I held one end with my dad's long level while Doug held one side and my dad screwed it in. The rest of the pieces weren't that challenging, luckily. 

On Tuesday Doug had to go to work to take care of a few things (we're teachers so summers are normally off once Doug's done with summer school) so it was just me and my dad. My dad did all the mudding. He came back today to do more, plus put the corner pieces on (which are already in place in these photos).

Good news… the new vanity came and they took the broken one away. It's so pretty, I find myself just staring at it. I cannot wait until it's installed and I can see it with the wall color and the tile flooring. I'm so excited!! 

And in true project fashion, this remodel has created some side projects and talks of future projects now that my dad is here and our minds are rolling. Not only did this remodel create a basement bathroom makeover (in the works), we are discussing raised beds with my dad to be made out of concrete, like the 12 he has at his place. We have the perfect spot in our side yard that we were cleaning up today (right outside the window in the bathroom). More details on both projects later! 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Brother's Birthday

Today would have been my brother's 36th birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't miss him but it hits a little harder on certain days - the anniversary of his death, his birthday, family holidays. 

I wrote more about him here and everything I wrote then is still the same. I still have trouble believing he's gone. My mom and I have talked about this and how it'll hit her at random times and how we sometimes feel that he's just been gone for awhile and that he'll be back at the next family function. It's the every day gatherings that we miss him the most in. Sure, holidays are hard, but we were a close family and we got together a lot. My parents have a pool that he never got to swim in and I know he'd have a blast throwing my kids into it. He never even got to meet Nate. Lily still remembers him even though she was only 2 when he died and I know she misses having that special uncle. Kids always loved him and Lily was definitely not an exception. 

I saw this quote on Pinterest last night and thought it was fitting. It's definitely true, except I'm not sure we feel whole. Physically, yes, but there's always that piece missing

Monday, July 20, 2015

{Bathroom} More Randoms

I apologize in advance for these iPhone photos. I thought I had versions on my camera but I don't. And it's nasty dark outside from the rain and without the lighting in the room, these won't be retaken. Plus, my phone doesn't take that bad of quality photos - just better for the before and after photos that will happen soon. Hopefully.

Hello all! Are you still with me? Is it just Doug that reads this?!?? 

We (and by "we" I mean Doug and my dad) have done a lot so far. The first photo shows the ceiling and how it was dropped to allow the ran to be installed. It also allowed for some can lighting and the venting of all of the plumbing. I tried to label a photo in PicMonkey but it wanted to be super slow and give me problems. 

The tub, it's since been removed of the supports (to help the adhesive stick during installation) and is so bright white and shiny. I kind of want to just touch it all the time. So much better than our previous shower and tub. The wall with the blue outlet is right next to the door. It may get a mirror on it similar to my inspiration photo but it may not. We'll probably live with the room first before anything major is added. We do have a mirror already that came from the bedroom Lily now lives in (before we remodeled it).

And the best part… the plumbing is in! My double vanity should be here soon after that giant issue over the past couple of weeks. Fingers crossed that it'll all be here soon without anymore breaks! 

And yes, this is a really dark shot. I took this one this morning but the lighting is dark in the room. Well, the fact that is no lighting is actually the problem. And the darkness outside. But anyway, this is our toilet area. There's a can light above and there will probably be some above the toilet storage similar to my inspiration photo, but we'll see. 

Last week I ran around like crazy trying to find a piece for a light fixture only to realize that the online source was the only option. So that'll be dealt with soon. Our medicine cabinets were returned after one came in broken. It said it was wood online and it was definitely just MDF or something even cheaper. Total let down. Our vanity should be in soon too. 

So much has happened and so much is still going to happen…stay tuned for more! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

{Bathroom} Random Updates

This bathroom keeps on ticking. There have been bumps along the way, like any major project. We are renovating an entire bathroom.

Last week seemed to be all about demo, some plumbing, and minor electrical. This week is slowly seeing big pieces of the puzzle come together. 

The bath tub was finally ready to be installed. The guys read the installation manual and ended up with this one night.

The bottom of our tub has the design you see in the concrete. It recommended letting it dry and then setting it in the next day. However, after letting this dry for almost 24 hours, they realized that it didn't fit the exact groves anymore so they had to chip it away and redo the whole thing. 

And so here's the tub, waiting for the plumbing and shower surround. It's so white and pretty and deep. I may actually take a bath now! 

Then there's the vent you see below… or parts of it anyway. The ceiling was dropped down, roughly 6-8" or so to allow the vent to have a home. It also has allowed for 4 can lights to be placed throughout the room and some extra stuff. 

The white ceiling is the original bathroom ceiling (plus the piece that was ripped off). The wallpaper and wood combo ceiling on the left is what used to be the top of the old closet we stole from Lily's room. 

I mentioned that insulation was added too. They laid the 2x4's flat to keep from taking up extra space and put foam between those boards. There is now foam on top of that as well to help insulate the wood too. 

And this plumbing drain line… why can't things just be easy?!? The pipe going down through the floor ran smack dab in the middle of the exhaust pipe from our new HVAC system. So, my dad had to fix that to make this drain properly. But, good news…there's TWO sinks for our bathroom. Kids on one, parents on the other OR girls on one, boys on the other? Decisions, decisions! 

If you follow the blog on Instagram, you'll see more up to date issues and pictures. The biggest issue is our vanity. It came in with a broken top and backsplash. It, hopefully, has been completely dealt with and will be arriving next week (fingers crossed!). 

I also have ordered, and returned, two medicine cabinets. One was broken. My dad offered to make them so we will have them after he has time to make them (like after our bathroom is done but I'm totally happy with living without medicine cabinets while he makes them with REAL wood!). 

If I'm not posting on here or IG, it's because I'm off enjoying the pool with my kiddos. I'm totally enjoying my parents' pool now that the Missouri heat has kicked into high gear. I'll post non-bathroom posts soon, hopefully. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

{Bathroom} Demo Round Up

So much has happened to this little room (that once looked like this…ugh). We've done so much that I've broken down as the days have progressed, but I thought I'd do a round up to summarize the whole event. It'll pair nicely with the before photos and the soon to be after photos. 

We gutted the room. Everything, and I mean everything, was moved. Wallpaper, tile, the vanity, tub, toilet, even the window! Plus, plaster and lath and a wall (seen below) that allowed us to increase the size of the bathroom. It used to be one of the closets in Lily's room that we covered up, moved her closet over, and made room for this day. 

The first set of studs you see, with the plaster and lath, is in the original bathroom. The second set is what will be the new wall. The drywall is the back of Lily's big closet. We stole those couple feet as it didn't hurt her room that much but it'll make a huge impact in the bathroom. 

Once everything was removed, it allowed my dad and Doug to see what they are really working with. More things were removed, such as the plumbing you see here (from the original vanity) and then the holes in the floor were dealt with. Many things were also dealt with that didn't provide the best of photos as they dealt with electrical and plumbing throughout the house. 

The new window was installed (7 down, too many to go for the whole house!) and a vent was also installed. There was never a vent, so now we have one. Carpentry work was also done.

They dropped the ceiling down between 6-8". They are originally 9' ceilings but due to adding a vent and some can lighting, we needed to drop it down. Luckily they're tall to begin with! A wall was also added to frame in the tub/shower combo.

This week will actually see a lot of visual progress and not just electrical and plumbing. I hope to continue doing some live blogging as they progress. We have a few minor things to buy after I finally bought the medicine cabinets over the weekend. I did buy a wall sconce for between the two cabinets but after talking to my dad, he gave us one of his old schoolhouse globes that we will be hanging from the ceiling between the cabinets.

One big purchase we haven't done yet is the flooring but that's only because I don't want piles of expensive tile sitting in our already junked out house (hello storage rooms!!!). I look forward to this being done and having my house back as school/work is just around the corner. 


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