Friday, May 22, 2015

{Back Porch} Mini Makeover

Check me out on Instagram for what I'm doing now posts. I'll have more details later here. 

I do hope to give this space some more love this summer. The walls and ceiling need painted, the floor desperately needs love (multiple layers of chipped paint in all different colors) and it needs personality. It's slowly getting there.  

And if you noticed my screen shot... I haven't spent any money yet. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


As mentioned in previous posts, my to do list for my house is never ending. It is almost 100 years old, give or take. So here's my top 5 projects for this summer (as in the first I'll mess with, not necessarily my favorites): 

1. The backyard - this will be in pieces as time, weather and budget allow. 

2. Bathroom remodel. 

3. Painting front porch, back porch and shed. 

4. Organizing office. Hopefully adding some shelving. 

5. Patch and paint walls in basement staircase. This will hopefully start (the patching at least) while the bathroom is being dealt with due to using same supplies. 

Gardening should also be on this but that's on going. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

{At the Farm} Gardening Galore

My dad's beautiful garden full of concrete raised beds* (read below) and their house in the distance. 

Talk about delicious… my kids eat their weight in fruit! 

Below: tomatoes (with the red paper covering) and peas towards the bottom. I can't remember what's in from to the peas. 

And this is just ONE of the many blueberry bushes!!! Give these baby a month or so and they will be ready! 

As for those raised beds (there are a lot of 'em!)… my dad made the forms himself, had the concrete poured by a local company, and then we (my dad, my mom, brother, Doug, myself and some others) helped put the concrete from the wheelbarrow to the forms, smooth them out, then my dad took off the forms and he and my mom gave them a texture (as seen above) on the sides. Labor of love!!! There is enough distance between them to mow the grass. Not all of his plants are in raised beds, but many are.

Monday, May 18, 2015

{At the Farm} Wildlife

On Saturday, I took the kids out to my parents' house, aka "the farm". It was the 4th anniversary of my brother's passing so we got together. We originally planned to go to the zoo with my cousin and her son to get out of the house, kill some time on a horrible day, and enjoy each other's company. However, the weather in Missouri has been crazy so that did not happen. Luckily though the rain stopped to have a pretty enjoyable day… or as much as one can have as we mourn the loss of my brother. 

Anyway, he would not have wanted us to be sad, so let's focus on some positives… 

My mom has the best luck with hummingbirds. She's now up to 4 cups of sugar water a day for these feisty little flyers. 

In their "backyard" (as in it's behind their house but not really a true yard), my mom made a Japenese inspired garden. It's absolutely beautiful. In it, she has two small ponds. One being below, the other being an oval shaped. She always has bullfrogs and other creatures.

And due to having so many frogs and toads… tadpoles!!! (all those little black dots for those who have trouble seeing them)

And a baby toad (or possibly a bullfrog, hard to tell!). Ignore all the dirt on my hand, I was holding him until Lily could come check it out and my mom could get a photo. 

More randoms are on my Instagram account, thebrickbungalow or #atthefarm (but lots use that… I need a personalized hashtag I guess!) 

Come back for a few shots of my dad's garden. It's insanely awesome and produces some amazing, organic food!!! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

{Wildlife} Turtle

On Mother's Day morning, Lily was helping me plant flowers. As I left the house to start working, Lily was still in the house, and I heard a scrapping sound. At first I thought nothing of it because of the neighbor's cats, birds, and so on that always frequent the front yard. But then I realized none of them were really around. As I turned the corner from leaving our front porch, I saw the below picture. A cute little box turtle hanging out on our sidewalk. 

I, of course, love animals. Lily isn't huge on them but gets excited for new things. Nate was asleep or else I'm sure he'd love to see his first turtle. Unfortunately, this little guy has had some bad meetings with either a large dog or, most likely, a lawn mower blade. The tannish white crack in his shell starts a line that goes to the edge of his shell and there's a crack almost all the way through. It's mostly healed, minus the red spot, and he can walk around just fine. 

And speaking of walking, he found himself at home in my sedum and front little garden. 

He eventually settled in underneath the sedum that he dug completely out of the ground (seen below behind the hosta) and has made home there. He was still there this morning, almost 24 hours since first arriving in our yard. 

We have enough plants and bug life that I'm sure a turtle could survive but we are letting him (or her) live a wild and free life. As much fun as it is to see it and know we have garden visitors, I'm not one to keep wild animals as pets (mainly due to trying over the years while living in the country with no success). 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

{Back Yard} Galvanized Container Inspiration

I posted on my Instagram (@thebrickbungalow) account that I am now the proud owner of three very large, very vintage-y galvanized buckets from local farms. My parents found all three of them for me and let me tell you, they are big and pretty!! I can't wait until I have some time to work on some magic in my back yard. Until then, check out these inspiration photos. I've tried to link them to their original sites, but it's so hard to find them some days! 

via the nervous horse on flickr

Flower Patch Farm House

via Planet Natural
Aren't those great??? I have one large, oval like the ones above and then two smaller ones. 

Our backyard is in some serious need of TLC. It has the playground (that'll receive some work this summer too, hopefully), our shed that needs painted, our raspberry garden, and the veggie garden (that used to be a rock garden that I really miss!). It also has a very large, concrete patio that is home to our dining set, an outdoor couch and lounge area, plus a giant trampoline that may just be the death of me. We had a large tree but it had to be removed. 

Monday, May 4, 2015

{Garden} Back Yard Randoms

A few weeks ago, my dad brought over three raspberry bushes for our yard. We had a few in years past, but they never seem to make it. So far these babies are doing well and growing, so no complaints so far. Wish us luck!!!

And then there's the beauty above... back when we focused on the backyard instead of Lily's Garden or even the front yard, I planted him next to our shed. It's been growing ever since and continues to surprise me. It's one of those flowers I honestly forget we have because it's an ugly bush but with beautiful flowers. Plus, our backyard is begging for help so this guy gets looked over as I plan on future makeovers. 


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