{Lily's Garden} June Update, #2

The hydrangea (first picture) is huge! It's an oak leaf hydrangea and starts off with white flowers but they age to pink. It's roughly 9' feet tall. The privacy fence is 6' and the trellis above is another 3'. Here is the same hydrangea in 2016 - in this post. And here it is in 2014 when it was just a little thing! And in 2013 when it was just a baby!!! 

The second photo is looking back towards the street, the opposite of what I normally take, but I liked the look. I'm tempted to figure out how to spray paint the fish a glossy black, but I can't take the stuff off/out, so I'm not sure. I may still try and hope for the best! Everything else in the garden is black (fence, shephard's hooks, etc.) and the big arbor trellis will be going back some day too. I want a nice, cohesive look with black accents. Black is also used throughout the inside of my house (hallway, living room ceiling, and basement stairwell) and backyard (mostly with black patio furniture). 

And yes, I know I'm posting a June update when it's nearly August but it's been a crazy summer. I need to get back out there and weed like crazy and then I'll post more pictures. 

{Lily's Garden} June Flowers

Lily's Garden has been in full bloom for a few weeks now and I love it all! The coneflowers are a bit out of control but it's a nice, semi controlled chaos of a cottage garden. The weeds may be getting out of control but I'll get out there soon and take care of everything ... once the heat decides to chill out and/or we get a nice rain to cool things down (and soften the soil!). 

But for now, lets enjoy the pretty lilies and coneflowers, ok? I'm going to do another post of my annuals, but these are all perennials here in Missouri.

{Backyard} Raised Beds

Hello Friends! I hope you are all doing well and staying happy and healthy.

Awhile back, my dad and I made raised beds for my back patio. After a lot of discussion, we chose to set them on the concrete as there's plenty of patio space and it allowed for an easier build. We still had to deal with slanting concrete and a few other issues, but nothing that wasn't dealt with. Lots of pictures so enjoy. If we're friends on Facebook, you've seen most or all of these!

So you can see the photos are from a few different days as things have grown. Even our grass is now growing better, which is crazy because the chickens are confined to one area and the dogs to another. But the garden is doing great. There's a tomato, cucumbers, tomatillos, a few random plants from seeds, and a bunch of flowers. I added the blue bird bath after realizing it wasn't being used in Lily's Garden. I mad continue to add a few pots to the backyard but it won't be right now.

The next "phase" is to buy a few 1/2 whiskey barrels and put 4x4 posts in them with hooks. The bottoms will be planted with flowers and the tops will have strings of lights connecting them, making a big square around the patio. It'll be a great addition and I can't wait to see it all finished.

Another thing on my to do list (and it's been there for awhile), is that stupid shed and hopefully the bushes in front too. I'll finish painting the shed at some point but those bushes need to go! They don't flower or produce anything. They are big and ugly and currently also growing poison ivy. I'll either replace with something flowering and pretty or functional like blueberry bushes. But it's in the chicken yard, so I'll have to be careful with what I choose.

{Life Lately} The Farm

We have been blessed with the ability to escape our house and small town for my parents' farm. They've been in quarantine with us, as they were watching Nate before it all happened, and we only see each other. I truly feel for those people who can't visit with their parents/grandparents. 

We rode their side by side (we call it the buggy), enjoyed the woods, and visited their pond, where we attempted to catch fish but had no luck. We did see a bunch of bullfrogs that were very loud. 

And while in the woods, we were driving through on the buggy and my mom says "I think that's a bat!" so we stopped and looked - and yep, a little bat was hanging out on the tree limb. I believe it's an Eastern Red Bat, a solitary bat known for living in trees. I was able to get up close and personal with it so I could take a few pictures and a video. After others looked too, it decided to fly away. 

How are you handling this crazy time? As a teacher and a mom, our days have been busy with online meetings and a lot of online work. I participated in a great Zoom yesterday with the creators The Spark File. I am not normally a podcast listener, but I will look into this one - the two ladies were amazing. 

{Life Lately} Self Care and Pelicans

Before Nate was cleared from his post-op restrictions, it took two people to move him at all times. My mom was at my house most of the time with me, and a lot of times, my dad was too. He was here working on my house (the back bedroom). So as we made the switch to working at home due to the quarantine, I had some time in the mornings that allowed for a walk. I really enjoyed the time to myself to start the day, knowing that the exercise was good for me, and just enjoying nature as the world continues to go crazy. I ended up walking almost every day for two weeks straight which was great for both me and Rex. I would end up going on an hour long walk or longer and one of my favorite spots was down in the river bottoms where a flock of pelicans were visiting. I know the photos aren't the highest quality due to the zoom, but it was still an amazing sight!

{Art} Lotus Painting

I've had this large canvas for years and could never settle on it. I had started something on it twice but never was pleased. Then it finally hit me the other day - paint a giant lotus on it. So I worked on it over the weekend. It's done in acrylic and the photos are from when it was still wet. I'll finish it soon (hopefully) but I'm liking it more and more the way it is. I may hang it up just to see if I still like it. My problem is I can't figure out where to hang it - maybe in my living room on an empty wall? Or upstairs in my bedroom on a very empty stairwell wall (tall and wide). 

Lots of colors are in this painting. I thought of it as a true under painting, with hints of these colors showing through as I layered. But then some stayed, so I don't know. It felt good to paint again and I need to use up some canvases that I've been collecting. I also have a few that are painted with other things that will probably get covered up. No one needs a still life from art school 20 years ago.  


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