Wednesday, April 12, 2017

{The Farm} Creek Time

Happy Wednesday lovely people! Today is my last day of school this week and I am definitely going to be enjoying this beautiful weather. My garden and I have a date tomorrow morning to get a little cleaned up and ready for Easter! 

This past weekend was gorgeous in Missouri! Saturday saw some family time in downtown Columbia and that was fun. I hadn't been there in a few years, even though I go to Columbia a lot. I'd love to have some time, without kids, to explore the stores but that may have to wait. 

On Sunday, we went out to the farm. My mom wrote a book that was published and her publisher wanted videos and photos from their farm, which appears in the book. You should totally check out the book, Letter Trees, on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble! It's a great book all about finding letters in nature - something we do a lot of as we walk around the farm! 

So during our visit, we went down to the creek. It's always a fun place, especially in the spring. We just had a lot of rain this past week, so it actually had a pretty good amount of water in it. Plus there were some little critters for the kids to see. I caught a bullfrog tadpole to show the kids and they were able to see some frogs too. No turtles though, which was a bummer. But luckily, there were no snakes! Now in a week or so, I'm sure everything will be out and going crazy! 

The above photo is just a vertical image of the horizontal image above to show more of the whole creek bed. The rocks are gigantic and full of plant life right now. 

Below is a rock face, the second we now have found. It was just staring up at us! 

Ferns! I love the look of them all coiled up. I should have dug some up for my garden. 

If you follow me on social media, you will hopefully have seen the video of the waterfall. It was so peaceful! I had to "rescue" Nate after he slipped in (barely, but dramatic for a 3 year old) so my feet were wet and I just kept getting in the water after that, letting me get a few shots that normally wouldn't have had happened. 

Get out there and enjoy nature and don't forget to buy my mom's book, Letter Trees

Thursday, March 16, 2017

{10 Years} A Look Back

This summer marks 10 years since we moved in. I honestly did not think we'd be here 10 years later but I also had no idea where life would take us. We were just babies back then and I wish I had a cute photo of us in front of our house, holding our new key. We didn't take it. I barely took photos until halfway through the day and now I can't even find one. So yeah, I failed. 

But I've taken lots of photos since and I thought that over the next few months (because, let's be honest, I'm a horrible blogger), I am going to post some before and afters of every space. I also hope to continue working on a few - mainly our front and back porch. Our shed will hopefully receive it's makeover this year as well as we do have plans that involve us not being here in 10 more years. 

So I thought I'd share some garden photos. My favorite, obviously. As I sit in my freezing cold basement (more on that this summer too!) and dream of sunshine and green plants!

I did find one photo of move in day. It shows off the crazy mess of plants we inherited. That bush would end up probably taller than the moving van and the hot mess between it and the house was so overgrown and ugly. I'm surprised I let it stay that way. The only good side was that behind the hedge in front of the house was hiding three gigantic hosta bushes that I then divided and moved around the house in various spots. 

The above two photos changed season but shows the emptiness that was our side yard, now known as Lily's Garden. I don't show the full shot of the house much unless I can kind of hide the dining room windows as they really need replaced. See how the middle one is up slightly? It was done that way to hold a window unit (we assume, it was never there while we owned it) and there's a piece of plexiglass in its place. We will be replacing these windows soon, hopefully anyway. 

Above was right after we got the motherland of foundation stones off Craigslist. It also shows the backyard before the privacy fence (and deck), and after Doug started attacking the giant bush. You can see the rose bush on the far left and my attempt to control it on the white trellis. It eventually was destroyed as well as the rock "path" (so many weeds!). 

Above shows the foundation stones in place and after our privacy fence was installed. We still hadn't added the black fence to the garden and the arbor is just laying down by the dining room windows and you can barely see it. We didn't install it until the following spring due to wind risk and no need for climbing plants in the winter. If you can tell me what those plants are on the right that always grow beautifully but have never bloomed (in 10 years!), I'd love you. 

Above shows the black fence installed but not the arbor. It's also during our addition phase of new flower beds around the fence. 

Above shows the addition of the arbor and most of the gravel after we laid down the weed barrier. And all of my pretty flowers!!! It still shows a lot of the recycled bricks in the driveway (in front of my car) that were then used throughout the garden. 

And here's where it stands today... err.. last summer. The brick pile near the garage moved but then was replaced with landscaping bricks that have since been moved to our back yard when I made that over. The containers are ready for some changes and new plants once this weather warms up. And some day, the garage will see some love. 

Until warmer days and more plant growth, I'll start sharing some of the interiors. 

What do you think? Do you like my garden? Or as Lily calls it, her garden?? What's your favorite plant? 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

{Garden} Snow!

Missouri has seen some crazy weather! We also do and this Spring has been no exception. We've had 70 degree days (or even higher) and we've had some really cold ones. They forecasted 1-3" of snow over the weekend and luckily we didn't get much. What you see here is about what we ended up with. The cold can go away though, I'm done with it! 

My garden is all starting to grow and turn green. So since I always want to document the growth in this garden, and some changes that will be happening once the weather warms up again, I took some photos. 

The above photo is off the hydrangea bushes and there was a spiderweb the snow collected on. It looked really cool! 

How's the weather where you are? 

I'm looking forward to a few changes in this garden this year. Many of my plants have been in the ground for 8 years now, so they have definitely gotten big! A few will be removed and many will be thinned out. If you're local and want some flowers, let me know! Many will be moved around the yard as I feel like it. :) 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Hello! Is anyone there??

I did not realize it has been almost FOUR months since I last blogged. Can you say busy?!?!

I feel like I'm forgetting something major almost every day but the kids are dropped off every morning, picked up every afternoon, fed, clothed and semi-cleaned.... so I'm good on that side of things. I show up to work every day too and I teach middle school. I guess you can say I'm winning??

Seriously though - life is busy. BUSY! 

Nate did basketball at our local Y. It was comical but I'm glad it's over. Nate may play t-ball, we're not sure. 

Lily will start softball soon and wants to do track too. She's active in her local Girl Scout chapter and let me tell you that cookies are a serious business. Getting orders and taking money is nothing compared to organizing the boxes, getting the right ones delivered, and so on. Craziness. 

Like I said, and if you don't already know, I teach middle school art. I used to love it. Now, it's pure chaos 100% of the time. The jury is still out on if I still love it. Some days are better than others and that's the honest truth. I'm looking into grad programs for my second master's. Yes, second. I'm insane. 

Doug is finally finished with wrestling, has this week off, and will start track on Monday. He's a coach at the local high school. He's also plays rugby, so he's busy. 

On the home front - this crazy warm weather Missouri is having is making my plants do crazy things. It's hard to believe it's still February right now and I have a feeling it'll come back to hurt us and the crops. Pictures to come of some plants as they start to bloom. I really want to document more  of my gardens as they go through the different seasons. 

And now that my break is over, I'm off to figure out what I'm forgetting, clean up paint, pick up kids, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, clean the kitchen, help Lily with her two school projects (she's in 2nd grade and has two big projects in one week!) and entertain Nate. Wish me luck! 

Picture: Taken at a Girl Scouts' member's house on 2/21. I want to live in the country for moments like that. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

{Dream} Future Home

Dreaming on Pinterest and I found this. I think it perfectly mixes my love of old farm houses with the beautiful craftsman style homes I also love. Let's just pretend I have all the money to build this on a nice chunk of land, in the middle of nowhere (but still within reasonable distance from town and family). 

And because I'll have enough land in my dream, I'll need a great potting shed. The back of the house would also have a great sunroom for growing collection of plants. But wouldn't this cutie be fun off to the back of the property? Tucked in between the chicken coops, the flower gardens, the veggie garden and the possible bee hives? 

In all honesty, we have thought of moving. We occasionally look at homes and areas we'd like to live. I think we've settled on land at some point, building what we want and having the freedom to have chickens, large gardens, etc. that living in town doesn't allow. We also would like to be away from neighbors within 10 feet of our house. 

But, life happens and we're paying a lot for daycare at the moment. So when life settles down (in 3 years) and daycare and diapers no longer suck our money out, we'll really start to focus on figuring out what we want. 

Until it happens and I can have fun parties like the one below (minus the wedding part, unless we choose to renew our vows), I'll continue dreaming. What are you dreaming about?

I'm also dreaming about being done with parent teacher conferences. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

{Nate the Great} Picture Time

Being 2 is hard. It's been hard for the boy and it's hard for this momma to get a good picture. He's all about "no take picture!" 

The below photo cracks me up. He was mad at me after I yelled at him this weekend because he almost walked into a thorn tree. The thorns were 3" long and EVERYWHERE. The downside of country living at my parents' house, I guess. So he refused to follow us to the other side of their smaller pond. And there he sat, mad as can be, until he got over it and came to see what we were doing. In about a month, these paths will be different and so much better to walk on - as in no bugs and hopefully no more poison ivy!!! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

{Garden} Buggy Visitors


So apparently September just flew by. But if you follow me on Instagram (at thebrickbungalow), you might have seen some of the following garden visitors. I never found their crysallis or any sign of them changing to a butterfly but they've disappeared, so fingers crossed. 

This was the big guy that showed up. After that, some babies came and hung out on my milkweed. 

After the above visitors, there were at least two babies on the plant at almost all time. 

I've seen  monarchs in the garden since, so I'm hoping these made it. I'll plant more milkweed next year and spread it around our yard. I bought four plants this year but only two made it. But they were definitely enjoyed by these caterpillars!!! 


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