our family

Our family of four includes Doug, me (Megan), Lily and Nate. 

Doug and I have been together since October 2002, married in 2006, Lily arrived May 2009 and Nate finished us off in October 2013. 

Miss Lily is now 8 and loves art, Legos, softball and soccer, and spending time with family. She's a huge water baby and is very creative. She is super smart and can be our little sensitive one. She can be a total girly girl but also loves to get dirty on the farm.

Nate is almost 4 and is pure boy. High energy, very athletic, and into trucks, cars, noise and dirt. He follows Lily around like a shadow and has a great vocabulary because of it. He adores his grandparents and his Papa's tractor. He's a little mischievous and also very loving, when he wants to be. 

This is the story of our family as we navigate the ins and outs of every day living. We are working on our house (an old brick bungalow), working full time jobs (both of us are teachers), and raising our two babies. 

Our family wouldn't be complete without the furry (and sometimes not so furry) friends. Above are just a few (the main five) that have enriched our lives. 

Zoey, our brindle mutt has been with us since January 2005 and is a total sweet heart, except when there's thunder. She's a total momma's girl and is starting to show some age.

 Krypto, our big white American bulldog/lab mix joined our herd November 2011. He has surprised us all in how gentle he is and how much he loves the kids. His lab energy is slowing down but he'll still run around like a crazy puppy.

Rocky, the black and white cat, came to us one freezing cold day in January 2009. He's a lover and will acknowledge other people's presence as long as someone will feed or pet him.

Taz, the tortoise shell cat is the oldest in the group and hates pretty much everything and everyone. We've had her since April 2003. She will only let you pet her in the bathroom (any bathroom, any house - she's odd!). She absolutely hates being picked up and will let you know with some of the worst sounds ever.

Rugby, the big black dog (he topped out at 150). He was part German Shephard, lab, and who knows what else - Great Dane or Newfoundland possibly. He, by far, was the best dog ever. He was our first pet and adopted from a local shelter in January 2004 when I lived by myself. I taught him to bark at "who's there?" so whenever I heard a noise, he'd run through the house barking. And boy could he bark! He passed away from cancer in January 201l. He is a dog that everyone truly misses. 

We also now have chickens, so be sure to check out our chicken posts! 


  1. Congrats on your new bundle! Lily is gorgeous! Nice to meet a felliw Missourian!

  2. Loved reading all about your life. Our husbands sound very similar as mine used to play rugby and is a teacher and a wrestling and football coach. :) Congrats on the new baby boy!!


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