{The House} Front and Side Yard Clean Up

Who doesn't love a good before and after? This one is mostly a time and weather issue but I did have to go in and clean up a bunch of the overgrowth I allow to stay for the winter months. Why do I do it? Because it provides food (flower seeds), shelter, and nutrition for the ground. Once I see bugs moving around, I'll clean it up and send some off to the local landfill (yard waste only). Some goes into my own compost. 

Among the pretty growth of my perennial flowers, you'll notice the switch of pots. I took all my blue pots and grouped them on my back patio. These two matching pots look nice here with the arbor and then I added some new white and black pots for my front porch. I'll do a separate post for it as it still needs some work. 

Unfortunately after I took this photo, we had a hard freeze so I'm not sure how my sweet potato vines are doing. I may replace them this weekend if they don't perk back up tody and toorrow with the warmer weather. I cut off the brown leaves and they aren't completely dead yet. The rest is looking great though! I plan on updating this photo often as the plants continue to grow and bloom. I need to take out a lot of my purple coneflower and replace my butterfly bush I lost a few years ago, but that'll maybe happen this summer. 

Check on my Instagram account - thebrickbungalow - for more photos as I work on the yard and show off what's in bloom. 


{Kitchen Remodel} Destruction, Part 3

 While I'm working, my parents sometimes send me pictures. The top two pics are some they've sent. The first one is from under the back door as they took it out and replaced it with a new one. They put it back as it worked perfectly but it was cool to see a name on it. 

Then my dad sends me this photo and jokes about taking the rest of the day off, leaving a giant hole in my house. Luckily he replaced the window and made my house more energy effiecient. 

And yes, I'm fully aware of the perks of keeping old windows. Trust me, we debated it all. However, our windows aren't all the cool, original ones (some are) but had damage, cracks, and were definitely not energy efficient. 


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