{Back Yard} Patio Furniture

We bought patio furniture! I had been wanting a nice, wrought iron set (my parents have one and I was super jealous!) for the longest time. I almost bought a dining set at Walmart earlier in the summer but I just wasn't sold on it. The chairs seemed a little cheap. So I waited. I searched Craig's List and the local Facebook shoppinig pages, but nothing. So I waited some more, hoping it would be similar to when I finally found the solid wood dresser that sits in our TV room. Which, by the way, I found at an auction for only $75. So back to the furniture. We always check our local auction website and they had one today that included a black wrought iron set with a large round table, a green umbrella, four chairs, one rocker, and a smaller side table. It also had a glider but that was sold separately and I didn't want to buy it after buying the big set. Plus, we also already have the patio couch and two chairs that my parents gave me.

So, yes, I'm the "nerd" (according to my husband) that took pictures of it while it was at the auction place. It's now sitting on our patio, minus the umbrella 'cause we're getting some windy nights.

Isn't it nice?! I can't wait to have Doug grill up some food and have people over!!

{Lily Lately} 3 1/2 Years

So I'm a few weeks shy, it happened on November 23 but oh well.

Lily is full of everything in such a wonderful way! Her language skills have skyrocketed in the past 6 months and her comments are hilarious. She can also scrunch up her face sometimes when talking (and with a slight head tilt) that makes me want to photograph it but I can never capture it!

Tonight she asked for macaroni and cheese with a hot dog and I was busy so she told me she was going to get the hot dogs. She did and I swear if she could work the stove, she'd be making dinner. She's 3 1/2 doing on 13. She wanted to help stir but I told her no since it's hot, boiling water. She is afraid of it (don't worry mom and those who read this!), but she was very curious and wanted to help. When I was done cooking it, she told me I made a great mac n cheese. Thanks Velveeta for making my 3 1/2 year old think I'm a great cook. Some day I'll try to make the Panera version at home from scratch. That stuff is good!

She loves to color. I picked her a book with a magic marker that reveals different pictures when colored. She loves the special marker and the magic pictures. She does a good job of coloring too, much better than her classmates. Lily's picture is on the right below and her classmate's is on the left. Her teacher tells them to use lots of colors (all of them tend to use only one) and that they need to try to stay in the lines. Lily's getting it!

She loves reading and wants to try to read. She'll see a word and think it means something. For example, there's a Drury Inn near the mall. She knows that if she sees the hotel, she's close to the mall (which she loves). So she said one day "See that word? It means close to the mall!" I asked what sign and she spelled it out for me and I told her what it was. She then had to learn about hotels, since we haven't really stayed in many that she remembers. She likes to call them her "other house" if we're there for long like last year's vacation.

She has a crazy good memory and will make you question many events and things in the past. She's had me confused many days on if something really happened.

Her favorites are still Dora, Diego, and Princess anything. She loves to glitter and be a girly girl but also loves to play hard with her Daddy and be super silly.

She is going to try gymnastics soon and I hope that she really enjoys it. We took her to show her what it is and she seemed interested. It'll be nice to have her involved with other kids too sometimes (even though she is in a daycare with lots of her friends).

She's so happy most of the time that we are truly blessed and happy to have as a little girl!!!

{Lily} Lily's Room

We added a shelf in Lily's room to help control the chaos of toys. I needed to start this (its never done) before Christmas and additional toys. I also organized other parts of her room. Maybe I'll get a full tour soon.

I love her tree. I bought it a couple years ago at a local candy store. We've been adding to it every year. This was the first time we added garland and lights. We also added many ornaments from Target this year because they had a great selection of unbreakable ones, including hippos in many colors. Yes, we bought them all.


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