{Back Yard} Patio Furniture

We bought patio furniture! I had been wanting a nice, wrought iron set (my parents have one and I was super jealous!) for the longest time. I almost bought a dining set at Walmart earlier in the summer but I just wasn't sold on it. The chairs seemed a little cheap. So I waited. I searched Craig's List and the local Facebook shoppinig pages, but nothing. So I waited some more, hoping it would be similar to when I finally found the solid wood dresser that sits in our TV room. Which, by the way, I found at an auction for only $75. So back to the furniture. We always check our local auction website and they had one today that included a black wrought iron set with a large round table, a green umbrella, four chairs, one rocker, and a smaller side table. It also had a glider but that was sold separately and I didn't want to buy it after buying the big set. Plus, we also already have the patio couch and two chairs that my parents gave me.

So, yes, I'm the "nerd" (according to my husband) that took pictures of it while it was at the auction place. It's now sitting on our patio, minus the umbrella 'cause we're getting some windy nights.

Isn't it nice?! I can't wait to have Doug grill up some food and have people over!!

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  1. Now that you have new patio furniture, you can definitely have some barbeque and grill party in your house anytime! People would surely want to have a taste of your cooking and sit comfortably while enjoying the party. Sounds fun, right?


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