{Nate the Great} Foods at 7 Months

I asked friends and family on ideas for foods for babies on Facebook, so I figured I'd post here too. These are the foods Nate has had...these are, of course, cut up into bite size pieces when necessary...

Chicken, ham, hamburger, hot dog
Lima beans, green beans and refried beans
Bananas, apples, strawberries, melon, pears
Spinach, pickled beets, potato wedges, avocado
Fries (yeah, not the best but the kid steals your food)
Bread, rolls, chips, crackers
Eggs - scrambled, egg whites only, and hard boiled
Puffs, baby "cookies", teething biscuits
All types of canned baby food
Cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, ice cream (just a little!)

I'm not sure that's all but it's a pretty big list for a 7 month old. He's less picky than his 5 year old sister!

Are there foods you like to feed your babies?!

{Life} Catch Up

Oh my goodness.... Summer is already here (as in I'm done with work until August) and things are moving too fast. 

Nate is 7 months old and had his first hair cut. It makes him look so much older. He goes for his wellness check Friday, so we can finally see how big he is!

And then there's the princess. My oh my. She's my little fish and would spend all day, everyday at the pool. Lucky for us, my parents have a new one. Plus, I won passes for our local pool. And, Lily now goes to the local pool with preschool three times a week. Talk about happiness! Yesterday was their first visit and she slept for over 12 hours last night. 

And back to the busy bee... I get to stay home with him this summer. It lowers my productivity by about 90% but I wouldn't have it any other way. He is my little animal lover. 

{Lily} Yearly Photos

5 years and 5 days ago was my third wedding anniversary with Doug and I was due any minute with Lily. She came three days later but I had gone to town to walk in a beautiful city gardens right in the middle of town. I figured it'd be a safe spot, just a few miles from my doctor, if anything were to happen. Nothing did other than some photos of flowers. However, I realized that I could bring Miss Lily to do yearly photos and it would provide a great back drop. At some point in time, probably after the invention of Pinterest, I came up with the numbered shirt idea. I kept it simple - white shirt, pink number with white polka dots. Her grandmother made them (and has every year!).

Here she is over the years... 

I love watching her change but the background stays almost the same. I'm planning on doing the same thing for Nate but maybe in a more "manly" setting... a state park possibly. His will happen in the fall so the colors would be great!

This year was obviously a little different as Nate came with us. I brought the stroller to keep him contained (he's not walking or crawling yet but it helped a lot to keep him somewhere safe and out of reach of everything!). As we got to the gardens, it was about to rain but we got in and out before it came! It did bring some cooler temps though, so luckily we had a matching jacket in the car. The girl loves her pink! 

There is a series of photos with these two and I just adore them. They make my heart melt. She loves him, he adores her. Two beautiful babies if I say so myself! 

And as Lily was getting fed up with the show, I put Nate down and took a few of him. It looks like he's showing off these flowers... which I want by the way... he also tried to eat them. Good thing they aren't poisonous! 


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