{Nate the Great} Foods at 7 Months

I asked friends and family on ideas for foods for babies on Facebook, so I figured I'd post here too. These are the foods Nate has had...these are, of course, cut up into bite size pieces when necessary...

Chicken, ham, hamburger, hot dog
Lima beans, green beans and refried beans
Bananas, apples, strawberries, melon, pears
Spinach, pickled beets, potato wedges, avocado
Fries (yeah, not the best but the kid steals your food)
Bread, rolls, chips, crackers
Eggs - scrambled, egg whites only, and hard boiled
Puffs, baby "cookies", teething biscuits
All types of canned baby food
Cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt, ice cream (just a little!)

I'm not sure that's all but it's a pretty big list for a 7 month old. He's less picky than his 5 year old sister!

Are there foods you like to feed your babies?!

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