{Food} Potato Sausage Kale Soup


Have I got a great recipe for you today! But first, some back story. Last year (and even the year before too), Doug would occasionally have the afternoon off and he'd bring me and my coworkers lunch from Olive Garden. This was a treat because we work about 25 minutes away and we never go, but since Doug was coming back, he'd bring us a nice treat. And this is where we fell in love with this soup. And then I needed to find the recipe, pronto. 

The original recipe, which I normally follow, is found on Organize Yourself Skinny. Go check it out if you want. 

I doubled the recipe this time so we had extra for lunches. As I cooked the sausage, I added baby portabella mushrooms and let them soften. I then added the rest of the ingredients like she says, changing for taste. I did add extra potatoes and kale, because I'd rather have a chunkier soup than runny. But feel free to change it up - her original recipe is pretty good too, I just wanted to try it with mushrooms! I use regular pork sausage too because that's what we buy. 

And now I know what I want for dinner again! 


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