{The Farm} Creek Time

Happy Wednesday lovely people! Today is my last day of school this week and I am definitely going to be enjoying this beautiful weather. My garden and I have a date tomorrow morning to get a little cleaned up and ready for Easter! 

This past weekend was gorgeous in Missouri! Saturday saw some family time in downtown Columbia and that was fun. I hadn't been there in a few years, even though I go to Columbia a lot. I'd love to have some time, without kids, to explore the stores but that may have to wait. 

On Sunday, we went out to the farm. My mom wrote a book that was published and her publisher wanted videos and photos from their farm, which appears in the book. You should totally check out the book, Letter Trees, on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble! It's a great book all about finding letters in nature - something we do a lot of as we walk around the farm! 

So during our visit, we went down to the creek. It's always a fun place, especially in the spring. We just had a lot of rain this past week, so it actually had a pretty good amount of water in it. Plus there were some little critters for the kids to see. I caught a bullfrog tadpole to show the kids and they were able to see some frogs too. No turtles though, which was a bummer. But luckily, there were no snakes! Now in a week or so, I'm sure everything will be out and going crazy! 

The above photo is just a vertical image of the horizontal image above to show more of the whole creek bed. The rocks are gigantic and full of plant life right now. 

Below is a rock face, the second we now have found. It was just staring up at us! 

Ferns! I love the look of them all coiled up. I should have dug some up for my garden. 

If you follow me on social media, you will hopefully have seen the video of the waterfall. It was so peaceful! I had to "rescue" Nate after he slipped in (barely, but dramatic for a 3 year old) so my feet were wet and I just kept getting in the water after that, letting me get a few shots that normally wouldn't have had happened. 

Get out there and enjoy nature and don't forget to buy my mom's book, Letter Trees


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