Lily's Obsession

Lily is obsessed with Elmo! What is it about the annoying, fuzzy, red creature that every two year old loves? My aunt brought us a bunch of DVDs from the library (she works there) and we have all but worn them out! I bought two at Wally World for a little variation and now I'm super sick of all of them! I bought Kids Favorite Songs, 1 and 2. They are really good for Lily and have helped her with counting and just recently, some singing. She's trying to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and can put her hands up like Tully (for "like a diamond in the sky..."). There is one part of one of the videos that SCARES her though. It's when Snuffy losses his giant meatball (from "on top of spaghetti...") and it almost runs over Elmo! Talk about a little worried baby - she actually SHAKES when she watches it and cries out for Elmo. One night after watching it, she was half asleep and cried out for Elmo. We have a little stuffed doll of him, so I gave that to her and she calmed down. Maybe it was the video or maybe it was a coincidence... I'm just glad we had a little mini Elmo to make her feel better. It was also when she was sick, so I'd do anything to make her feel better! It was her first time sleeping with a stuffed animal!

Even though he may be annoying, the little furr ball has wormed himself into our lives and I honestly don't know how he couldn't. I avoided it for so long but she seems him at daycare and when we've watched Sesame Street. Luckily it's not all just Elmo - she does like the Mr. Potato Head dolls and all of her other toys - Little People stuff (my $3 garage sale find - the house that makes sounds!), Fisher Price ($1 auction piano buy), and some other goodies.

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