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I realized I've mentioned the bathroom that I repainted before on this blog and put a link to the other blog, but I figured it'd be easier to put it on here. So here is the terrible bathroom. This was the first room I painted when we moved in and I forget how horrible it used to be!

The ceiling had both a texture and an odd paint job. Plus those white things are circles cut from the textural wallpaper that were also on the trim in the diningroom, similar to the trim on the front door, and from the same wallpaper that I removed from the living room and diningroom. Can you say too much?!?!
The shower curtain may have been the first thing I threw out. Yes, I threw it away. I could have given it away, sold it maybe, but there is something theraputic about throwing away something so ugly. If this is your style, I'm sorry. But it is NOT mine and I own this house!

Here you can see the wallpaper border, the shells she cut out to put under the lights, the teal wallcolor (it's painted textured wallpaper), and weird pinkish-brown painted trim.

The AFTER photos are not saving correctly to the computer, so I'll work on it. Or take new ones if necessary. We kept everything in there, except the wallpaper ceiling medalions, border, and cutout shells (the textured wallpaper that covers most of the walls is still up but painted). We have big plans for this room but as always, it requires money and some time, plus an electrician, plumber, and some construction. We want to knock down the wall with the mirror on it, expand the room into the closet of the bedroom next to it, move everything around, add a closet, tear out the tile, replace the window with the same as upstairs, and all the cosmetic work too (as in decor items).


  1. listen, while that curtain may not be THAT bad (not that it's my style either) i understand the need to TAKE. IMMEDIATE. ACTION with this room. of course you threw that thing away, SOMETHING needed to go here. this is the craziest bathroom. honestly, kudos for looking past it.

  2. Wowza -- that is some interesting taste your previous owners had!! :) thanks for sharing...and I know the space is worlds better now!


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