{Pets} Friends

A few shots of Lily and her "friends" aka "sisters" or just simply, the dogs.

See our newly painted trim and walls?! The corner lap will be painted and I'm going to buy a new lampshade at some point. Oh, and a light switch cover...

Miss Lily and Beefy in the Radio Flyer.

You can see how tired she is in this shot. Someone didn't want to take a nap while her Babby and Bapa were around.

Being pushed around by her Bapa. Yes, our house is full of paint, ladders, and so much stuff right now that need to find homes. We'll get there.

Such a happy little girl with her Beefy.

Beefy allowed Lily to push her around our house in the car. She didn't really seem to mind all that much!

And yes, I realize the small table by the door is crooked. Some how, we lost one of the feet and the other isn't screwed on so while were painting one day, it fell off. I haven't fixed it. I swear some day my house will be organized and clean. But having a 2 year old, finishing up my online courses, and honestly not caring about some things just get in the way. Mainly it's the first and last reasons.

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