{Pets} Krypto

Excuse the not so good photo, but please welcome Krypto! He came to live with us yesterday from a local rescue organization. He's been one spoiled pup from his foster mom (much better than a pup who's lived in a shelter!). He tried sleeping on our bed with us last night, tries to get on our brand new couch, and LOVES toys! He's already destroyed some rawhides, broke the squeekers in the soft toys, and has gotten into our hearts. Mine at least. He's a good dog, house trained and fits in well with the rest of the animals. Well, except the cats. I think Rocky is realizing he's not the devil and Taz is just pissed. She'll get out of her shell in a month or two or six. I'm not worried about her, she always leave us alone anyway.

As for him, he's a little over a year old and has lived most of his life in the foster care system. From what I remember of his foster mom, who I briefly met a few weeks ago, he must have been one loved pup. She let him get away with a lot and they were super close. She was about my age and he has lived with other dogs and animals, including a bunny. He's a lab/American Bulldog mix so he should be a big guy who is super smart and a good watch dog. He alerted me last night when Doug home and I hope he'll continue to do it. He woke up with me this morning when Lily was calling for me.

He has never had a fenced in back yard, so he's enjoying it a lot! He is super happy!!! I took some other pics of him yesterday but I need to find my cord to put them on the computer... I actually used my camera and not my phone for some decent photos of the guy!

He's also passed the food test and I pulled a bone out of his mouth (both things I needed to do before Lily tried). He did give a slight warning when I first tried the bone but after talking to him, he was fine with it. I could even hold the bone in front of him and he wouldn't growl or grab it. Food was no issue at all and toys are being shared between him and Zoey, who I think is enjoying a dog that'll actually play a little more than Beefy.

Yes, we're a family with three dogs, two cats, two adults, and one 2 1/2 year old! Oh yeah, and one frog and a fish tank. And another fish tank at school if that counts.

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