{Vacation} Florida Vacation

Here are some more pics from Florida.

This aquarium is home to the DolphinTale movie where the dolphin was found and rescued after losing her tail. We didn't see her (Winter, I believe), but we did see a few other dolphins and animals. It wasn't all that great of a place, definitely Hollywood-ized after the movie. I wonder what it was like before it?! The dolphin above is named Hope, she was found nursing her dead mother at only 2 months old. Dolphins typically live with their moms for years so this was a tough situation for Hope. Luckily she's doing really well in their program and will be put in with new dolphins soon (she was by herself in a big pool).

This was taken at the same aquarium. After this showing of how Lily prefers the easier stuff in life - playing in the sand with her Bapa - and doesn't care about aquariums, we spent the rest of the vacation on the beach (besides swimming with the manatees).
More pics from the aquarium.

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