Blackwater, part 3

This is the third and last set of photos from our Mother's Day trip to Blackwater. It was an adorable little town filled with beautiful flowers, the lovely water garden, and great character in its old buildings. 
Lovely purple iris.
Old fashion phone booth with Daddy.
Inside the tiny jail cell.
Blurry but she thought the tiny jail cell was fun. I thought it was creepy and wouldn't go in.
One of the buildings, sandwiched between two buildings still open along it's main street had been completely gutted except the front and back walls. The following two photos are of the back side, where the doorway is centered on the building and there were two windows, one on both sides. The vines and plants had taken over and someone had been working on this place, making a great garden. In the very back of the lots sat a small sitting area. Other than the boxwoods (hate them, they smell horrible!), the place was perfect.
Beautiful old building.
Old window area
Laclede gas bricks that lined the walkway.
Strolling through the garden with Papa behind her.

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  1. Love the pic of them in the phone booth! Too cute!


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