Lily found the container of sidewalk chalk the other day and decided we needed to go outside. Luckily, the temperature wasn't too bad and so we set off to color. We could have gone outside to our large patio but she wanted to go out the front and onto our driveway. Our driveway was made a very long time ago and it's really bumpy, not to mention full of cracks, but to a three year old, it's perfect!

And, of course, in true Lily fashion, it's done in style. Cowboy boots (with paint from when we went to a local art fair weeks ago that she doesn't want me to wash off), a pull up, and a shirt. No pants after daycare seems to be her motto lately. She'll come home and say "now can I take off my shorts?"

This one is great... she is a true girly girl almost all the time but the girl loves to get muddy and dirty too! She comes home daily with sand and dirt in her hair, all over her face and body, and now chalk.

Lily knows how to spell her name and we're working on writing it, so chalk makes for a great alternative to paper and crayons for her. Plus, while were in the middle of coloring outside, Daddy came home and he joined in on the fun!!

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  1. So cute! Who doesn't come home and want to get comfortable, take those pants off and be free Lily :)


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