{Food} Lily's Birthday Cake

Lily wanted a pink cake for her birthday and I couldn't decide what to make for the main cake but pink sounded like a good reason to make a strawberry cake. I found a from scratch recipe online and tweaked it some by using fresh strawberries instead of frozen. Why not use fresh when they're in season? Part of the pink comes from strawberry jello mixed into the batter. It was delicious and will probably be made again with some more tweaking!

Anyway, it made enough for one 10" round layer and this 6" square. It was the only flavor that had enough to do both, so I was left with this lonely little square. I knew I could decorate it like it was but then I remembered the cute cake plate I bought at Marshall's and figured I should have some fun with this.

After thinking of different ways, I went with my biscuit cutter (a cookie cutter with a handle basically) and cut two circles.

Then I stacked them together and put some homemade buttercream in between the layers. Isn't the plate pretty?

The only picture I have of the cake before Lily was horrible, so I'll let you see in the collage... Lily told me she wanted pink and orange and I didn't want to go overboard, so sprinkles it was! I also added a 3 in brown M&M's because the girl loves them and they went well and stood out against the white buttercream. And of course, we had a 3 birthday candle!

She ended up not even eating the cake. The three nibbles of icing was it, plus the M&M's. The girl love chocolate! We cut it open to show her it was pink inside and it's sat like that ever since. Silly girl!
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