Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day to my baby daddy! And also, to my own very wonderful Dad!!
Easter 2012, walking across the bridge to walk off some of breakfast!
Florida Vacation, Manatee Trip, December 2011

Uncle Gary's birthday party (with bluish teeth from a cake pop), November 2011
And some older ones...
May 2009 - just hours old

May 2009 - loved this photo as we finally  had chnaged her out of other onesies, it's just too bad we lost it in the shuffle home after the hospital visit

And one for my Dad! This isn't the best photo of these two but I love how he's just showing her stuff. She's in her swim suit and he's in pants... an odd beach combo but we had just made the trip and put her in it while the rest of us stayed in our normal clothes. 
Florida Vacation, December 2011

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