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I had my good camera out yesterday (compared to just my iphone) and thought I'd take some more photos of the hallway. It's a hard one to get a photo of, especially when there's this three year old girl saying "taking pictures of me!" and really, who can resist this face?!?

Here are the pictures of the hallway with one of my paintings hung up that I did years ago! I still need to paint another coat (maybe two) on the bathroom door's trim and don't get me started on the actual doors. Some day, probably not this summer but who knows, I will repaint all the doors in this house by taking them off the hinges and doing it properly.
Painting done in Fall 2005 I believe featuring four of my own pets - current and past - Keymo (cat on left), Rugby (big dog), Taz (cat on right), my friend's Boston Terrier Angel, and my dog Sugar on the bottom right. I got Keymo as a birthday present when I turned 4 (her eyes need repainted I know) and she passed away when I was a freshman in college, Rugby was adopted January 2004 and had to be put down January 2011, Taz was adopted from the streets in 2003, Angel was worth the 8+ one way trip to BFE Oklahoma, and Sugar was my Westie pup (although I don't care for how I didn't include her crazy hair at the time) from 3rd grade until the day I graduated college in 2006.

This might be the truest color picture.

View into dining and living rooms, with a very busy 3 year old, coloring on her easel from my dad.

View into the bathroom (the trim in the bathroom is not white but I'll tackle that later and the trim on the hallway side still needs at least one more coat of white paint).

Boogieboard Cottage

DIY Show Off

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  1. Great color and how sweet! Your pets! Beautiful job! It's perfect for that space. Love it! ;)


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