{Lily's Big Girl Room} Progress

Ahh, summer... you allow time off of work, time away from my kiddos (students), and even a little bit of a break from Miss Lily.... although I love when I pick her up in the afternoons and she runs to me, screaming "mommy!" like I'm the best thing on this earth. THAT is a great feeling!

Anyway... I've been trying to tackle parts of our house that on normal days (aka when we're both working full time and I was still in school and so on), get ignored. This room was the worst. It's what will eventually be Lily's "big girl" room and her room will *hopefully* be turned into another nursery and repainted for baby #2, whenever that may happen.

So... although we don't know when #2 will happen, or even when we try to make it happen, I'd like the room ready and cleaned up. It could also be a guest room, but I doubt that'll happen.

So here's the AFTER shot...

I feel pretty good about it! The yellow and white dresser is empty and needs to find a new home within our house. It's from my cousin and it may end up downstairs to hold seasonal items. The big cardboard box is full of extra pillows from the living room couch. It's so overstuffed with pillows that by adding on the throw pillows, it makes it impossible to sit comfortably. The red/brown suitcase and the clear container underneath it are items from my brother that I haven't figured out what to do with them yet. The cream coat in the corner is a pile of stuff to take to the dry cleaners. The gray boxes are empty but will one day hold my school items and live at school. The black tool box is empty and needs to go downstairs. The yellow round thing is for my bucket buddy and I need to put that together. The pile of green fabric is curtains for sale (that I need to post online) with tassle/rope tie ons. They are on top of a scanner that isn't compatible with my computer. And the rest of the items just need new homes and are in piles for me to take to my office or to work. It's definitely not done but I can only handle so much in a day!

And this was the before. I could barely walk into the room. At one point, I could hardly even open the door without something jumping out at me.

Yes, I'm ashamed it got that bad. And not that you can see it, but there's a big hole of emptiness behind the chair.

So what did I do with everything?!?

7 boxes/piles to donate
Some items got thrown away
Chair was put back in its spot (the living room... and yes, I hate the green, but oh well)
some boxes were condensed
clothes were put away (why there were clothes in here, I don't know)
I organized our linen closet that also holds are toilet paper and paper towels
all seasonal items went downstairs with the rest of their friends
and there are piles of things to sell (good, high quality curtains that just aren't my style) and things to spray paint/fix includiing one gigantic mirror, a floor lamp, and some frames!

Sorry for the blurry iphone pics.

OH... and the biggest reason as to why I am focusing on this room...

We will be demolishing everything as soon as we can! Yes, down to the studs! New windows, new insulation, new drywall, new ceilings. Maybe a new ceiling fan. A new closet even! It's part of a big remodel for both this room and our hall/main bathroom!!!

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  1. Whoa, that before shot was crazy! I'm tired just thinking of cleaning that room :)


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