The Brick Bungalow - new name!

This month celebrates our FIVE YEAR anniversary of living here! Can you believe it? A lot has happened and I'll be creating some posts about that soon. However, I decided that to celebrate our five years, I'm renaming the blog. I honestly haven't cared for the address "thependletonhouse" for awhile and after thinking of new ideas, even changing the name to "Life, Love, and Lily!" (which definitely describes us), I still wanted a change. So the new name is going to focus on our house and the blog will still be the same... it'll still be about our lives, our house projects, and of course Lily. Because without Lily, I doubt anyone would read this blog. All two of you anyway...

So, it'll now be - save it, please! And don't forget to comment! :)

1 comment:

  1. Cool. I like the new name. I can see all kinds of cool logos and business cards in your future.


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