{Food} Cheesecakes

Before we went on vacation, I made two desserts. I figured that since there'd be 15 of us, I'd make some cheesecakes. Somehow I had in my head that we needed a lot, so I ended up making three of them. We didn't even finish 2, but oh well. Two of the cheesecakes were from this recipe. And it was delicious!!! Extremely creamy, smooth, moist, everything.

The second cheesecake was from this recipe. My mousse messed up in the process so mine came out slightly different but it was delicious! What's not to like when you have a crust from Oreos, a layer of cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and chocolate ganache. I made too much ganache so it was super thick but that just means more chocolate, right?!?!

Below is the chocolate ganache on the right and the NY style (recipe above) on the right. Mine did crack but I don't think my family ever cares about that.

Plate lickin' good!

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  1. Lily is a girl after my own heart. I would lick the plate too. Those look amazing. No one in my family likes them enough to help me eat them :(


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