{Missouri} Lake Trip, 2008

***This is an old post from an older blog of mine, dated July 21, 2008.***

And we did not want to come home. Well, okay, I was really starting to miss my little mutts. Especially the little one, knowing that she was probably hating being locked at the boarders. I wasn't worried about Rugby due to his easy going nature. But we just did not want to leave. There is something so relaxing about sitting on the water.

See what I mean? Gorgeous! And what's better, is that there were hardly any boats with us! Especially compared to the other lake.

The first night we had missed the sunset due to clouds and timing and the moon wasn't around due to the clouds either. But the second night, we got out in the water in perfect timing to see the sunset.

And then, after what seemed like hours, we saw the moon!

What a day!

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