{Lily Lately} Photo Dump

It feels like a lot has happened since I've uploaded photos of just Lily, so here's some random ones. Maybe some day I'll do weekly posts on the girl. If you're Facebook friends, you're aware of the comments the girl makes all the time. I really need to get on copying them over to a book... you know, in case Facebook shuts down completely in the future. 

Her second professional hair cut (I've trimmed it at home some to even up the rat tail that occasionally grows). 

Playing at the park while Daddy plays rugby.

Playing on her new slide, singing and playing with Babby and Bapa. She looks upset but she's having a blast. 

This is her talking about her big slide and that it's "Grande!"

Helping Daddy with laundry.

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  1. That curly hair is the greatest. Lovvvve it!!


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