{DIY} Glitter Ornaments

I love glitter. I hate how messy glitter is. When I saw the many ways of doing this, I knew I had to try. All it takes is floor polish, clear ornaments of any size and glitter. It doesn't even take much floor polish but be careful cause that stuff is sticky and I have glitter everywhere now!

So here's how ya do it.

Squirt some floor polish into the ornament and swirl around.
Empty out the floor polish (I just kept it going from one ornament to another).
Shake glitter into ornament and swirl around. I used a small funnel for this. I would recomment one and make sure you buy the smallest one available. Mine was less than $1 at Walmart in the automotive section.
Move glitter all around, pouring out extra into another ornament or back into the original glitter container.
Repeat until done with every ornament.
Let dry and then put the tops back on. I may glue mine on, but we'll see. The glitter doesn't add much weight but I am going to glue some of my other ornaments together, so I may do all at once.
Add ribbon (if desired) and be done!

The "ingredients" of the project (minus the box of pretzels and other junk on the table).

The funnel, one of the smallest (second smallest maybe) from Walmart's automotive section. It worked great in some ornaments, not so great in others.

Empty and ready...

Halfway done. It's actually really pretty halfway done (from bottom up).

Here are the first twelve. These are all made with tinsel glitter from Michael's. I then went through my random craft stuff and found the other glitter.

The white one is a mica flake glitter from Martha Stewart that I bought years ago for some unknown project that I can't remember and the turquoise glitter is from Martha Stewart as well but in a smaller bottle still sold at Michael's.
Here's "white gold" from Martha Stewart's line.

Gold and irridescent tinsel glitter mixed.

Turquoise and mica flake glitter combined.
This ornament is an opaque one. I had a few extras from previous years' of projects and tried it out. It's not my favorite but still pretty.


  1. I saw a bunch of pins for this project, and I always wanted to try it. I absolutely love how your ornaments came out! Great job! :)

  2. I LOVE this!! Am literally taking notes to make these for my tree!!

    I found you through a blog hop, glad I did! I look forward to reading your posts and am now following you! Come on by the Aloha Friday Blog hop and link up with us too!! It's easy and you could end up being next week's featured blogger!! Come on by and link up if you please!! It's a great way to get more followers and we'd love to have you at the Aloha Friday Blog Hop

  3. Blog hoppin' and saying hello. Happy Holidays!


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