{Lily Lately} Glittered Girly

I Instagrammed/Facebooked this photo earlier ... isn't she just the cutest?!?

Her outfit for that day...
Butterfly glittery shirt (I think it's Arizona brand) 
Pink glittered tutu skirt (from The Children's Place)
Purple leggings (from Walmart)
Pink glittered boots (from Walmart, great knock off version of TCP's boots!)
white headband with teal bow (which matched the teal in her shirt perfectly)

And yes, she still sleeps in her crib if anyone noticed that. She's about to outgrow it and we're thinking of getting her into my grandmother's bedroom set that I had but we may just use the twin we have from Doug's grandfather since it has a mattress to it already (vs having to buy a new one for the other because we threw the old one out).


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! This is normally how it's fixed (looks slightly wet due to all the spray in detangler it takes for her curls!). Lately she's been into pony tails but I love it like this. It's also starting to get long, which is great.

  2. Adorable child! Stopping by from Weekend Blog Walk.


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