{Pregnancy} Hopeful

For years now, Doug and I have been asked "When will you have your next kid?" Sometimes it's nice, sometimes it's more of a demand. We always figured we'd have two kids, around 3 years apart. Well, life happens and so things change. Lily honestly came a little sooner than we planned but as many of us know, life doesn't go as planned. We enjoyed every doctor visit and check up when I was pregnant with Lily. We looked forward to her arrival just like any other happy parents. Sure, we were also scared because honestly, who isn't when it's their first child.

Fast forward to the now and here we are with a 3 1/2 year old Lily and people still asking the question. So, to answer all of you... we are TRYING. I thought that should be in all caps because we are not currently pregnant. I wish we were.

We've been trying for a couple of months. I honestly thought this last month would be it but it wasn't. Unless someone above is playing around and tossed in a "haha, let's make her think she isn't but she really is" scenario. But I doubt it. So we'll keep trying this month.

If we got pregnant now, Lily would be a little over 4 when the baby would be due. It would also put the baby's due date around the start of the school year, which would be tough but doable. My mom has offered to babysit the baby for the first year and we are definitely going to take her up on it (hope it stays that way, Mom!) so that we don't have to pay double daycare dues for a year. Once Lily is 5 (and she goes to kindergarten) the baby could go to daycare and then we'd just be back to the single dues.

I look forward to being pregnant again. I want another baby and I'd love to have a boy but I'd take either one. If we have a girl, they could wear everything Lily wore (season permitting of course). If I have a boy, I can sell all of Lily's baby clothes that are filling up our attic space. Or make a giant blanket out of it like people do with their college/high school shirts. Who knows.

I'm already thinking of ideas of how to do the future baby's room too. Is that bad? I feel as if Lily's nursery never was finished. I look forward to making her a big girl bedroom just as much as a new nursery. Maybe it's because I'm sick of the bright green walls that remind me of wintergreen bubblegum. Maybe it's because I really want to do something with our front room and this will be the perfect shove to get things done. Maybe it's just because I want some change in our house and those two rooms are the only ones that will be getting it soon.

Lily's future room will hopefully include white board and batten, pink walls (above the b&b), my grandmother's bedroom set that I used in my teen years, and a pink/purple/green/teal color combo. The future nursery will either be a gray, white and yellow combo (using our current wood furniture too) or a green and blue combo. I love both and honestly could go either way. Whichever one is used, the other will most likely be used in our TV room which needs some color!

Anyway, back to the pregnancy... I'd love to be pregnant. We're trying. We will keep trying until it happens. I look at how Lily's pregnancy went and I like that I didn't know so I didn't have to do the waiting around part. It was one of those things where I felt a couple pregnancy symptoms but they could have also been due to life stressors at the time and then it hit me "I think I'm late." So we went to Walmart, bought the test, saw it turn positive, and life changed from there. This time around it's a lot of waiting, planning, and patience.

Wish us luck as we go down the road that so many others are going on to. I am lucky to have one beautiful baby and a loving husband who wants another one too. Not to mention our loving families that are here to support us too. So that I am thankful for as we inch closer and closer to Thanksgiving. Maybe this time next year, we'll have a new addition to our family.

Oh, and if you ask Lily about it she says she already is a sister and that she wants a girl. I actually bought some ovulation tests today and she thought the baby would be in the box because there was a picture of one on it. I told her no, that's not how it works. She then told me that it would be inside my belly button and laughed at the idea. She has always said she wants a baby sister. All I know is she'll be a great big sister when the time comes and she'll most likely be bossy too.


  1. don't feel like you have to rush it your body will just do it, but have fun with it and it will all work out.


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