{Curb Appeal} Bushes

As we continue to work on the house both inside and out, we kept looking away from the ugly eye sores shown in the photo below - the holly bush on the left and the two big shrubs on the right. We have already tackled some of the other overgrown bushes that are out of the picture frame to the right and I attacked the holly bush last year. The stump is still there but we'll get there eventually. This time around, Doug focused on the two large shrubs in front of our house. 

When we bought the house, there was a tiny garden on the left and the shrubs on the right. You can imagine that years ago, things looked completely different but the plants took over and became huge (even bigger than what was in the photo). They were maybe 4-5 feet wide, completely hogging up the "path" that was made with a few stepping stones and gravel years ago. 

Well, this year, we are on the list with the city to get a new sidewalk. As the company replaces the sidewalk (the one that runs parallel to the street), we are hiring them to replace the sidewalk to our house and to build one from that one (shown below) to our driveway. The bushes are in our way! 

Doug attacked them, cutting off all the green and hauling them off to the city dump. 

In the photo, below, you can see what remains of the walkway from the sidewalk to the driveway. It's horrible. Once the new sidewalk is poured, we'll have about 2 feet of flower garden between the house and the sidewalk and then a 3 foot sidewalk. We have plans to completely fix our front yard too but that'll wait until after the sidewalks are installed. It'll also help us finish up the remaining part of Lily's Garden, and create the entrance for it! 

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