{Lily Lately} Painting

Lily loves to paint. She loves art of all kinds but painting is her favorite. I can't blame her, it's mine too. 

Last week we kept her home from daycare after getting back from our lake vacation. My dad was over working on her room and I was trying to keep her busy so that he could work without a cute blonde asking 50 million questions. She really wanted to help him but he was working on the trim in her room and the nail gun was really loud, so I brought her upstairs with me to my office. 

After some coloring and playing with the random things in my office, she really wanted to paint. Luckily for her, I had a ton of empty canvases for her and so I let her go to town. It's the perk of having a mom who is an art school graduate and a current art teacher - tons of art supplies! 

I started by telling her the rules - gotta keep the paint on the canvas, not on my zebra rug. That was it. I did put down my giant clip board just in case. She then chose the colors - pink, purple and green. She later added a pale blue. She ended up painting three canvases and probably would have continued but I ran out. One is small, maybe 8x10, one is maybe 11x14 and the one shown in the picture is maybe 16x20. The largest one was her last one and she got really into it. I didn't say a thing to her, letting her figure it all out. She did a great job. 

A couple years ago, I let her paint for the first time. I knew it would be crazy so I picked two colors that went well together in case she mixed them. Of course she did, being less than 2 at the time. I chose blue and green, two of my favorite colors. The canvas is mostly teal now, which I love. It's funny to watch her paint and makes me want to work with pre-schoolers some days! Maybe a side job in the future... or I'll just stick with my own kiddos. 

I'm going to hang them up in her new room. She loves to display her own projects. I may end up doing something to them, but probably not. I will paint the edges of them though so that it cleans them up a little. She had trouble doing that and I think it'd be a nice touch. 

I also love this photo because it shows how she almost always works on something - her tongue out of her mouth. We call it the Pop Tongue, after my grandfather who did the same thing. Most of the family members on that side have something similar when they concentrate really hard. 

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