{Closet} Earring Organization

I did it! I finally finished this project that was YEARS in the making! Years ago (like a decade, I swear) my mom and I found this frame at an antique store. I couldn't pass it up as it was in great condition and a beautiful, dark wood (just how I like it!) and was cheap. Maybe $10? It actually moved at least once with us, maybe twice. Crazy, I know. I kept thinking of what I wanted to do with it but in my head I always envisioned the earring holder with the metal backing. I finally splurged on the sheet (all $5-10 of it) and have a ton left over for future projects. Maybe Miss Lily will get one too once she gets her ears pierced. 

It didn't take much. Doug and I figured out the size of the metal sheet we needed, he cut it, and I nailed it in place. I had to redo the wire for hanging purposes but I already owned it. I nailed it all in with small nails, already on hand so this was a cheap project! 

The best part is that now my earrings are together, in their correct pairs, and hung up where I can see them instead of in a box, bin, or all over my room and various rooms of the house. There are still some missing and in random places, but as I find them they get hung up. 

The above photo shows my nicer earrings that are typically gifts from others. I think all but two pairs of the above shot are from my mom (thanks, Mom!!!) and at least one is from Doug. One is in question because I've had them forever. The two on the left are turquoise that my parents brought back from one of their vacations, the top set with pearls have a beautiful green stone too that came from another vacation of theirs and the rest are random stones and all silver. 

The above shot shows some of the other random earrings, mostly cheap ones from random stores. Catos has a great selection and I can buy some for $2 a pair. Yes, $2! That's great for adding just a bit of color to an outfit without breaking the bank. I have a few more earrings that are studs that are in a jewelry box so I don't have to mess with the backs and/or them falling out. I don't wear many, except the two pairs I always wear (my diamonds from Doug and my emeralds that were my step-grandmothers). The third hole (I have three holes in each ear) is what changes. 

The pictures on the sides are of some of my favorite people - the top is from Christmas 2006 maybe of Doug (on the left) and my brother, Jesse (on the right). The other photo is from my wedding with my two bridesmaids - Margaret and Candace. The wood frames in the photos match the wood of the earring display perfectly. 


  1. That metal mesh stuff is so pretty! I've never seen anything like it. Great project, and even better budget :)

  2. This looks fantastic! The frame has so much character! And I love the details on the metal sheet. I will have to add something like this to my to-do list:)

  3. Now you can cross #12 off your list lol! This is super cute and functional! Thanks for sharing at our Get Your DIY on Fall Party Challenge! I hope you can party with us again this Sunday at 7:00 EST. Our theme is chalkboard projects! Hope to see you there!

    1. Oops! I meant spray paint projects! Chalkboard projects are next week and I've been working on mine so it's on my brain lol! Hope to see you there! :)

  4. Such a cute way to keep your jewelry organized!


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