{House Tour}Little Man's Room

I think this room may end up as my favorite of the house. If not, it's only because of Lily's new room beating it out. 

Little Man's room isn't completed yet but it's pretty darn close! His bed and changing table/dresser have been in for awhile, I bought the green rug you can barely see, my parents bought us the leather chair, and we covered the closets with curtains, he has a window covering (same as when Lily was there) and some decorations. The first piece being the old bed frame I spray painted for Lily who didn't want it anymore. The second being a Lily original painting that is now up near the changing table. And now, the best piece of all... an old school, pull down map. There are 3 or 4 different maps on it and it's great. 

My parents bought it at a school auction here in town when they did a surplus sale awhile back. I don't think they paid more than $10 for it but I could be wrong. Things were going super cheap! I picked up a solid oak desk for Lily for $3. It'll eventually be painted and put in her room. 

But this map... it's great, isn't it?! The colors are great, it's vintage and fun, plus it allows for some changes because my dad hung it and we can change the maps as we feel the need. Right now it's obviously on the US because we all liked the colors the most. 

Little Man's room still needs some additional storage, especially as the toys start rolling in (or coming down from the attic) but we'll deal with that later. I'm just happy that there's a bed for him to sleep in (plus a couple extra throughout the house... a bassinet and a sleep cradle thingy), a place to store his clothes and diapers, and a spot for me to sit while nursing. 

I'll do a full tour some time soon. There's still some stuff in the way like our double stroller that will eventually live in my car once it gets detailed and we don't need our hospital bags. 

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  1. What a fun touch! I remember those maps from when I was in school! I bet your little guy loves it! I popped over from Give Me the Goods-- thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)


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