{Halloween} Spooky Decor

**I'm working on some Nate posts but thought I'd share this oldie (but not so goodie) in the mean time!**

Our fireplace and living room BEFORE... (emphasis on the BEFORE!)

I don't know what's more scary in this photo... the colors of the trim, fireplace, bricks, and wall (all from the previous homeowner) or the Halloween decorations we put up years ago.

I think this was from 2008 as a photo from Miss Lily's first Halloween showed a slightly different set up. 

This year didn't see much of this going on. We were too busy preparing for Little Man's arrival, working full time, and preparing for the sub. 2008 was completely different... no kids, just working and going to school (both full time). 

Maybe next year we'll decorate again as we'll be gearing up for Little Man's first birthday.

By the way, our fireplace now looks like this:

That's actually an old photo but the colors are all still the same. It's somewhat decorated for Fall and the furniture is moved around but I couldn't find a better shot that shows how I painted the bricks, surround, walls, trim, windows, etc. in this room to really make it a lot lighter. And by the way, the previous color choices were all made from the previous homeowner (same goes for the green couches). 

I do love the wood mirror with it's slightly concaved sides but some day it'll actually get hung up on the wall and not just sat on the fireplace. Our walls are plaster on brick, so it's hard for me to do it and I just haven't had Doug or my dad do it. I also love mercury glass, white milk glass (or similar white items with texture) and keeping things simple. Ignore the wood in the corner, it's for a growth chart that I still need to make for Lily (and now another one for Nate). Oh the to do list grows! 

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