{Holidays} Halloween

This Halloween we decided to stay at home and go around our little town. The past couple of years has seen us going to the larger town nearby where friends and family live. However, with our newest family member and me just being days out from surgery, we thought it'd be best to stay at home. We did take Lily out to a nearby neighborhood though and there were some nicely decorated homes (and some a little spooky for a 4 year old!). 

Here's her first house. I liked how they were out in front so you didn't have to ring the doorbell. It seemed to be a popular idea. 

Our little black cat (hard to see with the pink coat and Hello Kitty skirt) under a giant black cat. 

My two Treats for the night. And yes, Lily has both a mask and ears. It was cute! 

My two babies with my parents. 

The four of us. 

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