{Throwback Thursday} Lily's 1st Month

(Yes, I know today is Friday, I'm late due to Thanksgiving). 

As we just celebrated Nate's first month, I thought this Throwback Thursday would be a good time to show what Lily looked like in the Summer of 2009 at one month old. They definitely have some similarities! 

Here's the old, original post from our previous blog (as I try to bring over the important posts so I can then delete that blog once and for all!):

I can't believe that Lily is ONE MONTH!

She's moved up from her Newborn diaper to Size 1. I know a lot of people don't believe she could fit into them until 3 weeks old due to her weight, but she's pretty skinny in the hips/butt area. Her thighs are the reason why we moved up - the Newborn size squeezed her little legs too much. So now she's a Size 1. Soon, she'll be switched to our cotton diapers and we'll see if we like them! (I really hope we do because diapers are EXPENSIVE!)

She barely fits into her Newborn size clothes. She has a very long little torso, causing some problems in a few styles and brands of clothing. Poor little girl, already taking after momma's luck when it comes to clothes. She can easily fit into some 0-3 months and a few 3-6 months that are smaller than average. I also like the larger size when it comes to some clothes because they're easy to put on!

Her hair is changing colors. It's getting a red tint to it but also coming in more blonde. I'd be happy with either - or combined to a nice, strawberry blonde color!

Her eyes have stayed blue. Doug calls them a silvery blue, which is kind of true but the outsides are darker. Whatever shade of blue you want to call them, they're beautiful and I'm glad the doc says she thinks they'll stay blue!

She's a big eater. She LOVES food. Luckily, we can go around 4 hours in between feedings during the night. Now if she could do that during the day. I'm trying to space them out a little, but when she cries at the top of her lungs and it's all for food, I cave in. I hate when she cries, especially when I know I can stop it so easily.

Speaking of food, Grandma J got her take an entire bottle! I was one happy momma! This means that Doug and I can have a date night some time. I just need more time to stock up the supply, which is really hard when she wants it all the time!

She loves car rides and sleeps through most of them.

Her bouncer is her second bed. She sleeps so well in it, probably even better than her bassinet. She's not huge on the toys that go above it, but she's getting better with them in her face. I think she likes to sleep propped up, which the bouncer allows. But we never keep her in it at night, just while we're with her.

She's super expressive. If you've seen her, you know what I mean. Her eyes, eye brows, and mouth are always moving. Her hands are always moving and are so fun to watch. I wish people could see her expressions she makes after nursing, but until we can get the pictures taken while she's on the bottle, I will not be taking pictures while I nurse her.

She likes to make noises and sounds. She makes a lot while she's in a light sleep, but is also making more when we "talk" to her.

And one of the best things ...

She's starting to smile. Now, you may say that they're due to gas or whatever, but a smile is a smile when you're going for cuteness! She started a little something with Doug when he touches her head. She'll make huge smiles for him. I get a few when we're talking or nursing. She has a lot of different types of smiles too - I can't wait until I get them on camera!

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