{Garden} Inspiration and Plans

It's *almost* that time of year. Today was 80 degrees... Monday has a chance of snow and lows in the upper 20's at night. So, with that, I will not be using this wonderful weather to plant anything.


However, I am definitely in the mood to start planting. I left off the yard last summer with some areas that needed more flowers. I was pregnant and and running of time before the crazy, cold winter came in. Today, while enjoying the weather and having an extra set of eyes, or two, on the kids, I ripped up some dead plants and made room for the new stuff. I have our front bed, which desperately needs help as nothing had made it other than a few succulents. I also have our newest front bed between our new sidewalk and house, plus between the sidewalk and Lily's Garden, and one more bed to make in Lily's Garden. Then there's the back yard but that's a different story!

So... my plan will be somewhat simple...

1 - create areas that repeat the same flowers and/or color combos to create a cohesive look to our house and flower gardens

2 - plant perennials so I don't always feel the need every year to spend big bucks on new flowers

3 - add some color with annuals in my empty pots (this is where I like to get Lily's help so she feels involved)

4 - mulch everything

5 - finally add the rocks to Lily's Garden to get rid of all of the remaining grass, some stepping stones will be added too

As for the plants.... 

More coneflowers and daisies, as I love them. Plus some lilies of course, especially if I can find the variety that grow really tall because I don't have them! I'm looking to add flowers that will help butterflies and bees, plus add color and variety to all of the beds. 

Some of these... because I've already had a few bites (yes, they love me!).
And more succulents, as long as they can survive the Missouri winters. 

I definitely have a lot to do once the weather stays warm enough (which I thought was already here but obviously not!). My favorite local nursery is open and they always get some business from me. I really don't want to go crazy with the spending this summer but enough to make it look good too, so part of it doesn't look horrible compared to what we've already done. The back yard will be different but there's a 6' privacy fence that separates them, so no one can see how ugly and empty it is (except kid stuff!). I have a few flowers that are back there but not many! There are some plans for the back yard in that are in the making, so it'll happen some day. 

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