{Lily's Garden} New Bed #2

I'm almost done in Lily's Garden! After having new sidewalks installed, we fenced in the yard to match up to the corner of our front porch. The fence broke up the front portion of the garden into 4 possible beds. I created one last fall while pregnant with Nate. One was created last week for my new butterfly bush (and others, of course). And now, bed 3 is done.

As with the rest, I lined it with bricks because the grass will eventually be replaced with rocks and I needed a divider between the mulch and the grass/rocks. This one was one of the hardest to make because of the insane amount of rocks about 1" under the soil. It's where the original rock path once was before we started renovating. We gave up removing every single rock and so they are still there. I started putting a lot in the one bed, as you can see, but they are everywhere.

I hope to get the next one done soon. I don't have flowers for it so there's no rush. However, we have plans to work on the yard on Monday. Tomorrow is Lily's birthday party so it won't happen then.

Doesn't mulch make everything look great!?!? 

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