{Nate the Great} 7 Months

He's 7 months old already!! 

Yes, I'm fully aware that I missed this at 5 and 6 months... life is busy! But we're back on track and here's to hoping I continue it. It's not like he's not photographed... I just didn't do it in his chair with his bear. 

A little comparison... not many similarities! I think he looks a lot like her NOW but as a baby, she had different characteristics. 

And the last comparison...

Nate at 7 Months:
Two teeth, working on the uppers I think (Lily had at least three teeth as shown in the photo).
He's wearing 9-12 month clothing, sometimes 12-18 depending on brand and how they size things.
He's super long and big! I'm guessing between 20-25 lbs, we should know in a week or two when we see the doctor.
His hair is out of this world. I trimmed up the back "mullet" and now it's super obvious that he needs it professionally done. Lily was way older than 7 months before I cut her hair! His hair hangs in his eyes. There is a slight curl in it but not like Lily's.
He's a great eater and loves everything he's tried except for refried beans. 
He had one major poop explosion and played in it. My mom was the wonderful woman who had it happen to her and had to clean it up. 
He's not the best sleeper but is getting better at naps. Here's to hoping! 
He smiles all the time. Seriously! Even when he's sad, you can get him to smile. Today it was a smile/laugh/cry episode while tired.
He doesn't have stranger anxiety yet. 
He's a mover. He (kinda) crawls and rolls all over the floor. 
He loves to stand up and be held up. I have a feeling he'll be running soon. 
He adores animals and gets giddy when Rocky comes into the room.
He loves his big sister and will stare at her all the time. 
The red spot on his nose is still there but not any bigger. I hope it'll fade at some point or else the doctors will deal with it. 

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