{Veggie Garden} Planted!

We got around to fixing up our veggie garden for the year. I used our three left over fence panels from Lily's Garden to do the front and we had to use a mix for the sides. It's just to keep our dogs out of it, nothing more than that. I may eventually buy two more panels to match the rest because I love the look of the black. We already had the stepping stones on hand as well and my dad supplied the plants... so this is all free! Doug tilled it up and we added some extras to the soil in hopes that we have a good group of tomatoes and peppers. Now it's just to keep it watered!

Here's what it's looked like in the past...

This was after the rock garden had taken a turn for the worse... as in we had gotten pregnant, had Lily, and had no time for it plus we had killed all of the cacti that had to be wintered over inside.

Here it is in its glory of being a Rock Garden. Time, money, and lots of needy plants.... 

And here's what it was when we bought the place. Rotten wood and overgrown prickly pear cactus...

Talk about a hot mess. This is when we had started moving the rocks out to use in Lily's Garden and hadn't moved the rest of the crap. But, it is after we got the fence installed.

It's been a veggie garden before too... just one that was unloved due to busy schedules and a crazy toddler. 

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  1. looks great! i totally wanted to buy lettuce this year, but i must have been too late for the plant and i'm too impatient to start from seed. enjoy!


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