{House} 2015's Plans

The past two years (well, more, but those are documented), I wrote down plans I'd like to accomplish. So… instead of adding more to the list, I'm going to continue with what I have yet to finish. Maybe this will be the year!

I will say one thing… 2014 saw the idea of moving and/or building a new home for us. That put a big change of plans in our heads so we're rethinking a few things we had originally planned for our house. But I'd still like to do a few things…

2014's list:
1. Redo steps to our upstairs
2. Remove holly (the only surviving bush in our front yard)
3. Remove grass in Lily's Garden and replace with rocks/pea gravel
4. Paint shed
5. Work on the Backyard Playground (reuse stepping stones, add rock box, fence it in, anything else?!)
6. Add more fruits and veggies to our garden
7. Add shelves to my office
8. Possibly do the bathroom and/or work on the kitchen instead
9. Paint stairwell to basement

And well, only a few got finished… #2 and #3.

So, 2015's list:
1. Redo steps to our upstairs. 
2. Paint shed.
3. Work on background (simplified to include many things, not just the playground)
4. Add more fruits and veggies to our garden - this will be yearly, although some did get accomplished as we planted blueberry bushes
5. Add shelves to my office.
6. Bathroom and/or kitchen
7. Paint stairwell to basement

OK… so I'm adding more things..

1. Paint all exterior trim white (window sills, etc.)
2. Paint front porch floor, possibly ceiling
3. Paint back porch floor - hopefully the same color as front porch, possibly even the shed's walls to tie all three spaces together and to minimize amount of paint purchased
4. Paint trim around door (this may go with #1 unless I choose a different color). 

Other people use buzz words for their year, but mine should just be one word that'll cover the majority of my tasks… PAINT! 

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