{Food} S'Mores Brownies

I don't know about you but I've been crazy about S'mores this year. I see them everywhere too, so they seem to be popular. 

Last week I decided we needed some brownies. And it was one of those needs that needed to happen right now! Or 10 minutes ago. So I got my supplies ready, tasted the batter and though "hmm… more chocolate!" so I added cocoa powder. And lots of it. 

That blue reflection? It's from my mixing bowl. I love cobalt blue! 

I cooked the brownies like normal, added chocolate chips and marshmallows while it was still warm and then baked again for a few minutes. 

But that didn't get the toasted brown perfection I was after, so I turned on the broiler. And let me tell you, our new stove does it quick! As in don't take your eyes off the oven quick! 

After this photo was taken, the s'mores weren't around very long. Well, they were, but they aren't as good once they're cold. Don't get me wrong, they didn't exactly go to waste. (Unfortunately they did go to my waist.)

Have you made s'mores brownies? I tried it once with graham crackers on the bottom but they didn't add anything to it so I prefer it just the chocolate fudge-y goodness of a great brownie recipe, extra chocolate, and marshmallows. Mmmm...

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