{The Farm} Fishing and Fun


We went back out to my parents' farm again this week (check out last week's adventures here). It's only a 20 minute drive, so nothing at all to get there to have hours of fun and a great meal or two. 

When we first got there, we decided brownies needed to be made. Who doesn't enjoy brownies? This guy got his first good lick of a spoon, covered in all that brownie goodness.

Don't judge me on my parenting - yes, it had raw eggs. Wholesome, nutritious, locally grown eggs. And really, who has ever gotten sick from a farm fresh egg?!?

Lily can smell brownies from a mile away. She asks for them every chance she can and only likes them compared to other treats (well, except ice cream). 

While at my parents' house, I had to admire the orchids. Her orchid growing ability is insane. If I buy them (because they are so pretty!), mine normally are on their death bed and she can fix them. This is ONE of many plants that bloom all the time! 

And then we decided to try fishing in their pond. They've stocked it a few times (and built it years ago) but we only saw some babies. Or as Doug thought, fish that didn't have enough food to get bigger and aren't actually babies. But I'll call them babies because they weren't longer than 5-6 inches. 

And what trip to the farm wouldn't be complete without a tractor ride? Lily and my dad went to get their two person kayak to enjoy. 

Which, of course, turned into a three person kayak because Nate is sitting on my dad's lap. You can see his green hoodie. 

And because even my dogs get spoiled (some times), Krypto got to enjoy the lake. We've had him for almost 5 years and he has never gone to the lake before. He's gone to my parents, but we don't normally let them out of the fenced off portion. The lab side of him really enjoyed it and I'm happy the American Bulldog side didn't make him sink. He went pretty far out in the water, where it's deep, so I panicked a bit. He did great though. Zoey went too but she's not into swimming and has since lost her privileges to go back as she whined the entire time out there in the car and for the next 24-ish hours as she hurt herself. She's old, so she basically just needs a warm place to rest. 

And it takes them all to bring the tractor back. My dad may need a bigger one for when they get bigger! Nate likes to drive it. Can you imagine what he'll be like this summer when we let him drive the boat?!?! 

And we found another bird's nest. No inhabitants so maybe someone will claim it. 

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