{The Farm} Early Spring Walk


It's almost Spring! Can you feel it?!? We live in Missouri so we've had a really mild winter and tastes of spring make us ready for the real deal. But I have a feeling we'll get a late winter and then all my pretty flowers will be hurting. Let's keep our fingers crossed for an early spring. 

Except the mosquitoes need to die. Like yesterday.

Anyway, this past weekend we went to my parents' farm and enjoyed the weather with a tractor ride to the "ridge" as my parents call it and down into the creek bed. It hasn't rained much lately so there wasn't a lot of water but in our newly found hole, there was. I'm loving the little spot and will be visiting throughout the summer, hopefully... until the snakes take over. 

Here's this adorable, and tiny, birds' nest my mom found (that's her hand in the back). She is watching to see if it's currently in use or will be a decor item in her house. She's all about letting nature be but also bringing it indoors to prevent its destruction. 

My mom walks this area pretty regularly and noticed how the trees touch on the top, creating a cathedral window like shape. It'll be fun to watch as the leaves come out. 

Here's the previously mentioned "watering hole". I climbed up to the top and took a few photos (see below). There were fish in this little pond before winter when we explored last time but we didn't see anything this time around. It's pretty shallow, maybe just 2 feet deep, so I bet it all froze over and killed them. Plus, how they got there in the first place is a mystery!

The view from the top. I love the streaks of sunlight. 

A tree and rocks. There are a few of these on their property where the trees grow around the rocks. I love it when they're off the ground but this rock seems pretty big. 

And there you have it. Photos aren't too bad for my iPhone 6. I'll bring my nice camera some day. 

See my early fall visit to the farm and the ridge here. What a difference a few months can make, right?! 

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