{Lily's Garden} April

Lily's Garden is pretty much finished. Or, at least as finished as a garden can be. The beds are made, the rocks have been put down on the ground, and the flowers have are growing. And growing. 

And growing even more. Which, of course, is what I want. However, after 7 years of gardening (and adding more every year), things have gotten a bit full. Sunday morning saw a lot of gardening and after weeding a lot and checking on the growth of everything, I've realized the giant oak leaf hydrangea has taken over the back area to the point that some of my day lilies aren't getting as much sun as they should. 

And then there's the three hydrangeas I planted while pregnant with Nate and one gets too much sun. I've noticed it since the summer after he was born but refused to mess with it, hoping it'll all be ok. And it has been until I realized just how much smaller the plant is compared to the other two. So I am going to switch the hydrangea with some of the day lilies. 

I'll have more photos later as I just had enough time to split some of the day lilies and now they filled in a few empty spots. I didn't think I could find empty spots but I did. I may put the rest on the south side of our house where the irises live. 

And below is just a shot of our container gardens I collected in this area last year. You can see some pots are empty and there are dead weeds in the background but if I wait to take photos until everything is picture perfect, I would never have any photos. Plus, I want to document changes more than anything so here goes. 

There aren't many plans for #thebrickbungalowgardens this year except to maybe redo one bed that was made with wood and we're thinking of switching to stone and enlarging it. But before that, we need to work on our kids' play area, plant the veggies, split some more lilies, transplant the hydrangea, and so much more house and home (and family) stuff. 

Did you  know that Doug and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary soon? It's on the last day of my school. I think that calls for a celebration! 

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