{Garden} Snow!

Missouri has seen some crazy weather! We also do and this Spring has been no exception. We've had 70 degree days (or even higher) and we've had some really cold ones. They forecasted 1-3" of snow over the weekend and luckily we didn't get much. What you see here is about what we ended up with. The cold can go away though, I'm done with it! 

My garden is all starting to grow and turn green. So since I always want to document the growth in this garden, and some changes that will be happening once the weather warms up again, I took some photos. 

The above photo is off the hydrangea bushes and there was a spiderweb the snow collected on. It looked really cool! 

How's the weather where you are? 

I'm looking forward to a few changes in this garden this year. Many of my plants have been in the ground for 8 years now, so they have definitely gotten big! A few will be removed and many will be thinned out. If you're local and want some flowers, let me know! Many will be moved around the yard as I feel like it. :) 

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